ZMA JYM Review

zma jymThis is a review for anyone who wants to know more about the supplement ZMA JYM made by JYM Supplement Science. ZMA stands for Zinc and Magnesium.

This health supplement focuses heavily on ensuring that athletes receive adequate levels of essential zinc and magnesium minerals, which have shown in studies to be deficient in high-performance athletes commonly.

ZMA JYM claims that by providing these essential minerals as part of its formula, it can contribute to maintaining hormone levels and increasing muscular strength.

But does ZMA JYM work to deliver these results?

I like:

  • Provides essential minerals and vitamins with high bioavailability
  • Addresses issue with other ZMA products and perfected the formula for maximum benefit
  • Highly absorbable by the body thanks to the addition of vitamin B6 and piperine

I don’t like:

  • Best results are achieved when it’s combined with other JYM supplements
  • Need to take an additional supplement if you want to boost testosterone levels further

I’ve taken a close up look at this supplement to find how exactly how it works, and if it is going to be able to deliver on its promises.

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ZMA JYM Review

zma jym results

ZMA JYM is built for delivering vital zinc and magnesium essential minerals to the body of serious athletes. The supportive ingredients act as additional aids to absorbing of these minerals, ensuring that the optimal amount is being distributed to the body.

This is a supplement that has been well researched, and put together with strong knowledge of how these two minerals are required and used in the body by athletes.

ZMA JYM needs to be taken daily without food and can be used with testosterone boosting supplement Alpha JYM for more intense results.

What Does ZMA JYM Claim To Do?

ZMA JYM claims that it can deliver “unreal results” with a zinc and magnesium formula that is better than any other on the market. The supplement claims to:

  • Provide antioxidants and enhanced protein synthesis with zinc
  • Improve cardio, bone and metabolic health with magnesium
  • Increase testosterone levels naturally
  • Enhance the bioavailability of zinc and magnesium with added B6 and piperine
  • Do it all with purely natural ingredients and no additives

Considerable research has gone into creating ZMA JYM, including optimal quantities of each ingredient based on knowledge gathered from several scientific studies.

The company states that ZMA JYM is designed to work in conjunction with Vita JYM, another natural supplement from JYM Supplement Science for a complete vitamin and mineral solution.

What Are The Ingredients For ZMA JYM?

The product is a simple one made up of four powerful natural ingredients, including one unique extract. Each one has been selected at a carefully researched quantity to provide optimum benefits and no drawbacks.

  • Zinc 30mg
  • Magnesium 450mg
  • Vitamin B6 10.5mg
  • BioPerine 5mg

Zinc – this essential mineral is important for many things, including muscular strength. Zinc, combined with magnesium, has also shown to help increase testosterone and IGF-1 growth factor levels.

Magnesium – also contributing to muscle strength, magnesium levels can become deficient in people who train hard even if they’re eating the right foods.

Vitamin B6 – acting as support to zinc and magnesium, Vitamin B6 helps to body to absorb and use those two minerals more effectively.

BioPerine – also used as an absorption aid, this patented extract makes use of powerful piperine in hot peppers with studies showing this ingredient increases absorption rates of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 considerably.

Ingredients Verdict

This unique combination of ingredients combines to essential minerals with two other natural ingredients that aid in the maximum absorption of the zinc and magnesium.

This supplement uses the most usable form of zinc monomethionine: zinc mono-L-methionine rather than the much less effective mono-D-methionine.

Does ZMA JYM Have Any Side Effects?

ZMA JYM is made up of only natural minerals, vitamins, and plant extracts and no side effects are listed for the supplement. It is considered safe to use with very low risk of adverse effects when taken at the directed dosage.


ZMA JYM addresses an issue many don’t think about: lack of zinc and magnesium.

These essential minerals are quickly depleted in elite athletes, and this supplement has been carefully planned and formulated to remove the risk of deficiencies by ensuring an optimum dosage, and by not adding extra ineffective ingredients.

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