Marine Muscle Winger Review (2017 Update)


If you’re looking for real information about the Marine Muscle Winger, you’ve come to the right place.

Our review of this legal and safe alternative to Winstrol is based on our in depth research.

Can Winger really deliver extreme fat loss and a ripped body as promised? Or is this just another bodybuilding supplement that’s all talk and no action?

That’s why we wanted to get an up close look at Winger – to find out whether it can really deliver on its claims.

So read on to find out what we’ve discovered about Winger, including a closer look at the ingredients and any potential side effects.

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Note: This review was first published in April 2017. We recently gave it a much needed update. We also added a bunch of new information and customer results.

What is Winger?

Winger is a natural supplement that has a heavy focus on cutting and getting ripped.

It is designed to mimic the effects of the famous steroid Winstrol, using only natural ingredients that pose no risk of adverse health effects or legal issues.

winger results

Winger aims to deliver extreme fat loss dung cutting, while preserving lean muscle and helping you build the ultimate physique.

Bonus benefits of Winger include enhanced agility and power, allowing you to take your training to the level of professional athletes.

With purely natural ingredients being used in Winger, there are no expected side effects and none have been reported.

What Does Winger Claim To Do?

Winger claims to be able to provide multiple benefits for the most serious of bodybuilders and athletes.

Winger can assist you to:

  • Become considerably stronger and more powerful
  • Burn off all fat and retain muscle
  • Experience greater speed and endurance
  • Enhance your vascularity
  • Create a ripped, toned and cut physique

Winger promises to produce “Olympic level performance” for anyone dedicated to achieving the type of physique that is normally “associated with people who train for elite fighting units”.

Clearly this means that Winger is aimed that the most absolutely serious and dedicated users who are willing to pair it with an extreme workout program and excellent diet plan to achieve ultimate results.

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With a focus on cutting and fat reduction, Winger is ideal for those with a wide array of goals – as long as the end goal is to attain a totally ripped, rock hard physique in a short period of time.

You’ll notice on the official website that Winger is aimed at those wanting the same extreme results that a steroid can provide, but without the side effects. Described as a “military grade formula“, Winger provides high performance at a low cost.

Combining (Stacking) Information

Marine Muscle has one stack available that includes Winger combined with three other of its most powerful natural supplements.

The Cutting Stack is made up of Winger, Trooper, Colonel and Alpha.

While Winger is an incredibly powerful formula in its own right, by combining these four potent products together in a stack, those who have a specific goal of cutting will experience considerably more extensive and extreme results compared with using just one supplement alone.

What Are The Ingredients For Winger?

Winger is a legal and natural alternative to steroids which is designed for the most serious and elite athletes, bodybuilders and anyone wanting the most cut and lean physique possible.

The ingredients in Winger are:

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine 555mg
  • Choline 300mg
  • Wild Yam 300mg
  • DMAE 150mg
  • Safflower Oil Powder 126mg
  • Pregnenolone 1500mcg

Learn more:


Fat Loss, Blood Flow555mg per serving
This adds a boost to regular L-carnitine because with acetyl attached the ingredient is able to reach the brain as an antioxidant. For this reason, Acetyl-L-Carnitine is thought to contribute to reducing brain degeneration and providing protection against the effects of aging. L-carnitine itself is known for its benefits in fat burning, increasing resistance to fatigue, increasing testosterone and importantly for bodybuilders – increased blood flow to the muscles leading to more powerful pumps.



Focus, Energy300mg per serving
Known for its multiple benefits on brain function, choline can contribute to increased mental focus and energy as well as increasing the levels of dopamine in the brain which contributes to heightened mental energy and positivity – something that is vital when pushing yourself to the physical limits.


Wild Yam

Reduce Fatigue and Inflammation300mg per serving
Wild yam has health uses spanning back decades, and for athletes and bodybuilders its main benefit lies in the precursors to DHEA that this herbal extract contains. It’s useful for helping reduce fatigue and inflammation, as well as for regulating the production of hormones.



Recovery, Performance150mg per serving
Dimethylaminoethanol, or DMAE is a natural antioxidant that is believed to assist with improving mental well-being and function. DMAE supplementation is often used for athletes to help with reducing recovery times and improving overall performance.

source: Wikipedia

Safflower Oil Powder

Fat Loss, Lean Muscle Mass126mg per serving
Safflower oil contains high amounts of linoleic acid from which CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is produced, a natural fatty acid which has become popular as a fat loss ingredient. These abilities have been backed up by several studies that showed a reduction in overall fat mass and an increase in lean body mass.



Energy1500mcg per serving
This is a steroid hormone that naturally occurs in the body and has a history of being used to relieve painful arthritis symptoms. It’s also believed to help with increasing energy and reducing stress, while helping improve sleep quality.

source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

How to Take Winger?

The recommended dosage for Winger is to take 3 capsules each day, whether or not you are working out.

It’s advisable to take the dose with a meal and with water.

Winger should only be used in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Does Winger Have Any Side Effects?

Winger is described as being totally safe and with no side effects. Marine Muscle goes to great lengths to ensure customers that they only source the best and highest quality natural ingredients.

Despite the fact that Winger can mimic the functions of real steroids, it does so without the associated health risks.

So Does Winger Work?

Winger is a powerful supplement only for people who are the most dedicated to getting the most out of its potential.

That means using Winger with a suitable workout program, and a diet that compliments the goals you want to achieve.

winger review

It’s clear that every single ingredient in Winger has been carefully selected based on the specific benefit it can bring to the overall purpose and function of the supplement.

And because all of the ingredients are purely natural, there are no side effects to be expected, no long term adverse effects on your health, and no legal issues as you find with steroids.

With a combination of ingredients that are unique to this supplement, Winger is able to deliver results by targeting some of the most effective processes in the body, such as increasing energy and focus with Choline, and using the power of Acetyl-L-Carnitine to boost testosterone and increase muscular blood flow.

We love the fat obliteration focus of Winger, thanks largely in part to the inclusion of Pregnenolone which plays a vital role in the production of DHEA and aldosterone which contribute to burning fat quickly, as well as providing the extra energy and power required to take your workouts and performance to new heights.

Any Winger Reviews From Customers?

Here is a selection of customer feedback that we found online:

I love the fact that this one consisted of Pregnolone and Alcar or acetyl l carinitine…. I’ve studied a lot about these in the past and know how they can be instrumental in usage of fat cells for fuel purposes. Marine Muscle Winger has lived up to its expectations and has met all its promises. I have gained a significant amount of lean muscle mass and have also lost fat deposits that I had been struggling with for a long time. The choline contained in it has improved my focus levels during resistance training. I would highly encourage others also to try it.

Been using Marine Muscle Winger as a part of the cutting stack. Stacked with Trooper, Colonel and Alpha. Into my fourth week now and have been shedding fat like crazy. My stamina and strength levels have also improved majorly and I’m pumping more reps and sets than ever in the gym. This all when my other friends are facing the music of anabolic steroids. Everyone is curious what have I been using the past few weeks. I’ll make them wait a little longer until I am completely there!

Started noticing some good results after the first week itself, so I know that it starts working very soon. My stamina has been better than ever and I’ve been the leanest ever in my entire life. This despite the fact that I haven’t made any major changes in my diet. All the fat that I wanted off my body is going the way at a good rate and my muscles are also improving in terms of their toning. Have been increasing my bench weight consistently as well. All the signs suggest that this product was indeed a good investment for me.

My main motive of starting using Winger was to look my best during a just concluded beach vacation. Furthermore, I wanted to come out on top in a tennis event at my university. After going through the description of the supplement, I knew that I wanted to try it. Mainly because I had already suffered the side effects of steroids. Was slightly skeptical initially as I didn’t know the brand well…think it’s very new. However, all those doubts were put to rest once the supplement started kicking in after the 1st week. I am far more toned than before, much stronger and more muscular. I can say that I’ll be using the supplement for quite some time now. About the tennis event, I finished runner-up! Don’t know what the winner was having!

Overall great results, highly satisfied with the muscle gains, fat loss and strength. Every body builder should try it in their cutting phase. Best Winstrol substitute out there. Didn’t cost a fortune…actually far less if you compare to others.

Where Can I Buy Winger?

Winger can only be bought from the official manufacturer website at

The price of a one month supply (one bottle) of Winger is currently $69.99. This is a 22% discount compared with the regular pricing.

Winger is also available as part of a Cutting Stack, for those who want to take their results to the next level by combining four powerful supplements.

Marine Muscle provides free shipping for all orders throughout the United States.

Winger, as with all Marine Muscle supplements, is only available to USA buyers and is not able to be purchased from anywhere else in the world.

Customers are able to leave a review and rating of Winger, preferably after using it for the recommended minimum period of 60 days where you can share your results and experience with the supplement.

The company has available a 7 day money back guarantee that entitles you to return any unopened bottles during this time, if you change your mind about using Winger for any reason.

Our Verdict

Winger impresses with its highly targeted formula aimed at stripping away fat and building a lean, chiselled physique.

This versatile supplement suits a range of goals, from those wanting to cut away every ounce of unwanted fat, to those chasing increased strength, vascularity and endurance at the level of a professional athlete.

What we like about Winger:

  • Gives extreme athletes and bodybuilders the tools to get to the ultimate level of fitness
  • Unique blend of natural ingredients that each have a powerful function
  • Also available in a Cutting Stack for more extreme results
  • Capable of the same results as steroids, without the harmful side effects
  • Reputable company with a good track record of delivering effective supplements
  • Free shipping through the United States

What we don’t like about Winger:

  • Can only be bought from one place
  • Only available in the USA

We are confident in recommending Winger for people who are absolutely dedicated to getting the most ripped, most toned physique imaginable.

Buy Winger at the official website here.