Trooper Review – Legal steroid alternative, but does it work?

trooper reviewMarine Muscle Trooper is a safe and legal alternative to the famous steroid Sustanon and claims to be able to deliver substantial results.

But can it boost your T-levels and deliver exceptional muscle gains and all the benefits that increased testosterone can provide? I take a close look at the supplement and its formula.

I like:

  • A real alternative to steroids with the same hardcore results, but no side effects
  • Big muscle and power gains were seen, speeds up recovery time post-workout
  • Increases overall stamina, endurance, and performance both in and out of the gym
  • Available in 3 different stacks for even more extreme results

I don’t like:

  • Short money-back guarantee, not available to buy outside the United States
  • May not be suited to vegans due to gelatin capsules

The supplement is targeted at men, with a focus on the testosterone hormone and the vital role it plays in muscle growth and stamina.

Trooper Review

trooper bottle
Trooper bottle

Trooper is a premium testosterone booster, an all-natural alternative to the steroid Sustanon which has a focus on delivering massive muscle, strength and power gains to the most dedicated of bodybuilders.

The product is designed to give you pumped up testosterone levels, high strength and stamina improvements, and much faster recovery times after working out, meaning you can work out again sooner and work towards significantly quicker, more significant gains.

Trooper naturally and safely boosts t-levels using pure Tribulus Terrestris and other potent ingredients to make it easier and faster to put on muscle mass.

What Does Trooper Claim To Do?

It claims to be able to give you several compelling benefits. These include:

  • Increasing testosterone to maximum levels
  • Achieving huge muscle mass gains
  • Enhancing stamina, strength, and power to explosive levels
  • Bonus benefits of heightened sexual drive and performance
  • Delivering noticeable results within mere weeks

The supplement makes a promise that it will “crank up your muscle mass, strength, performance, and energy” – covering every aspect of bodybuilding that matters all in the one formula.

This is mostly due to it focuses on massively boosting testosterone levels in the body, bringing about more massive strength and power gains – leading to more intense and longer workouts and faster, more significant muscle gains.

The way it targets not just one or two, but multiple angles of bodybuilding that covers the entire spectrum of increasing power, energy, endurance, and stamina, plus supercharging the body into an extreme muscle growth state, shows that the supplement is made for the most dedicated of people who will combine it with an intensive workout program.

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Cycles and Stacks

Trooper is available in 3 different Marine Muscle stacks: Cutting Stack, Bulking Stack, and Strength Stack. Being the only supplement included in all three of these stacks proves that it is a powerhouse performer and a must-have supplement for anyone serious about their results.

It is useful for bulking up, cutting, massive growth and overall strength building and when combined in any of these stacks, becomes even more powerful than when it’s used on its own.

What Are The Ingredients?

Trooper is a legal and natural alternative to steroids and is suited for men who want to boost their testosterone levels to the maximum for ultimate muscle growth. It is made up of a unique formula containing ingredients that each contribute to the overall goals of the supplement.

  • Vitamin D3 300IU
  • Vitamin B2 15 mg, Vitamin B6 42 mg and Vitamin B5 9 mg
  • Zinc 10 mg
  • Selenium 83 mcg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 1500 mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 225 mg
  • Ginseng 188 mg
  • Fenugreek Concentrate 4:1 150 mg

Zinc – This vital trace element is known for its contribution to increasing testosterone, to the process of protein synthesis and healing wounds and boosting immunity.

Selenium – Another dominant trace mineral, selenium is an antioxidant that protects against many health ailments like arthritis, heart disease and some cancers like prostate cancer.

D-Aspartic Acid – This amino acid plays an essential role in testosterone production, and while it is produced naturally in the body, when taken in a supplement at an optimal quantity, boosts testosterone to higher levels naturally and safely.

Tribulus Terrestris – This popular plant extract has long been used to help with boosting testosterone levels naturally, but only when used in the right quantity.

Fenugreek Concentrate – Fenugreek is thought to help increase testosterone levels and put the body into a more anabolic state.

Ginseng – This potent herb is well-known in traditional health, but it can also be highly beneficial for bodybuilders due to its positive effect on increasing endurance and contributing to faster recovery times. Ginseng may also assist with helping the body cope with stress.

Ingredients Verdict

The supplement contains no filler ingredients, and only includes those that each have a specific and important role to play: boosting testosterone, promoting huge gains, and increasing strength and stamina. It is made for adult males who are highly dedicated and focused on achieving the ultimate physique.

How to Take Trooper?

Three capsules daily are the recommended dosage. It’s advised that the capsules should be taken with water and between 20-30 minutes before eating breakfast.

The supplement should be used for at least 60 days to see maximum results, in conjunction with a quality diet and intensive exercise program.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The supplement is made up of only natural extracts and vitamins, and the company declares that no side effects are expected or reported. It also does not contain any stimulants such as caffeine. People with certain medical conditions and those under 18 years of age should not use the product.

So Does It Work?

Trooper contains a unique formula consisting of highly useful trace minerals, amino acids, vitamins and natural plant extracts. Its maximum potential on your body can only be reached when it’s used alongside an intensive workout program and a suitable diet.

The supplement is designed to focus on the process of increasing the body’s testosterone levels safely and naturally.

Almost every ingredient has been selected based on its ability to contribute to the process of testosterone enhancement, with other benefits being seen like faster muscle recovery and increased strength and endurance.

The combination of amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals and plant extracts make the product a one of a kind muscle building supplement designed to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids.

Because only natural ingredients are included in the supplement, all of these results are achieved with the adverse health effects that you experience with steroids.

Where Can I Buy Marine Muscle Trooper?

The only place you can currently purchase the product is at the official Marine Muscle website. Buying directly from the manufacturer ensures that your purchase is backed up by quality customer service.

Marine Muscle also has three different stacks that include this test booster. These are the Cutting, Bulking and Strength Stacks that give you four different supplements in the one stack, at a drastically reduced price compared to buying each one individually.

Regardless of how much of Trooper you buy, Marine Muscle offers the United States full free shipping. In fact, the USA is the only country in the world that this supplement is available.

Once you’ve used Trooper for at least one month – which is within the time frame that results are usually seen – you can choose to leave your rating and review of the supplement on the Marine Muscle website. Marine Muscle has a money back offer on unused bottles if you decide to return part of your order for any reason.


This is a stand-out supplement for serious bodybuilding in an overcrowded market. Providing extensive benefits including and beyond delivering massive muscle gains, the supplement gives you the safe and natural alternative to steroids that you’ve been looking for.

I can confidently recommend Marine Muscle Trooper for men who are looking for the most extreme results possible when it comes to massive muscle gains and testosterone boosting.

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