Testogen Review

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Testogen Review – Is the New Formula Any Better?

What guy doesn’t want more strength, stamina, muscle growth, libido, and energy? I know I do, and I know the big key to achieving that is to boost testosterone production.

Any guy over 18 can benefit from having T-levels optimized, but resorting to steroids and other harmful ways only put your health at risk.

Thankfully you now have another option: natural testosterone boosters like Testogen provide a safe alternative to steroids, with very similar results being achievable – without the side effects.

This page is for anybody who has heard of Testogen and wants to know more about it and whether it’s a good testosterone booster.

I like:

  • Carefully put together formula provides a safe and natural method of boosting testosterone levels
  • Fully disclosed, all-natural ingredients, no proprietary blends inside
  • Well-priced compared to other testosterone boosters – expect multiple results from increased muscle mass to enhanced mental focus
  • Solid reputation and lots of positive testimonials
  • Safe to use over long periods of time

I don’t like:

  • Muscle gains and strength increases can take 4-6 weeks to notice (no unrealistic claims of overnight results made like many other supplements)
  • Only available from the official website

I do the hard work for you – full ingredients break down, dosages, benefits and those behind it. And most importantly – whether it deserves its reputation as one of best natural testosterone booster supplements.

Testogen Review

Testosterone Booster
Strength Stamina Strength Stamina
Testosterone Testo- Sterone
Muscle Tone Muscle Tone

How It Works:
  • Promotes natural testosterone boosting
  • Boosts energy, strength & stamina
  • Improves libido & sharpens focus
4 capsules per day
Generally Well Tolerated

The type of muscle building supplement that Testogen is, one focused on increasing testosterone safely, is ideal for men who want to enhance and maintain the countless benefits that come with having healthy levels of testosterone.

But how do you know if Testogen is right for you? If you relate to any or all of the following, then this is a supplement that’s seriously worth your consideration:

  • You’re an 18 or older male who wants to raise your testosterone level
  • You’re dedicated and passionate about bodybuilding or fitness and about working hard to achieve the physique you wish to
  • You want to improve your stamina, energy and strength; and even your libido
  • You suspect or know that you have low testosterone levels and fear the harmful effects of lowered levels of this critical male hormone

If you meet some or all of this criteria, Testogen is for you. If on the other hand, boosting testosterone is not on your list of priorities or goals, there are different types of bodybuilding, fat loss and fitness supplements which may meet your needs instead.

Before deciding to buy Testogen, consider your own goals and what effect testosterone has on them. Science tells us without a doubt that this hormone is vital for putting on muscle, for losing fat, for increased strength and energy; just for starters. In short, testosterone is what makes a man, a man.

But when T levels are low, you’ll find yourself storing more fat and having trouble burning it off, you’ll find it harder to gain muscle, you’ll lack energy and strength, and you’ll generally feel down in the dumps.

If you want to avoid these significant problems or fix them if they’re already happening, Testogen is designed to meet your needs.

What is Testogen?

testogen bottle

Testogen is as a natural bodybuilding supplement that it used to raise testosterone levels safely and efficiently.

This way the problem of reduced testosterone due to aging can be corrected, as well as the benefits that every man can see when testosterone is increased and maintained.

The goals are to improve strength and stamina, increase mental focus, boost muscle size, and a host of other outcomes.

Testogen uses a blend of natural ingredients that work together to boost testosterone levels. The formula includes Magnesium, Ginseng extract, Fenugreek, Vitamin D, Boron and D-Aspartic Acid, amongst other.

Clinical researching relating to several of the ingredients has proven their effectiveness for testosterone boosting. For example, a study on Fenugreek, which was shown to help maintain healthy testosterone levels.

The supplement contains only safe and natural ingredients, so side effects are considered to be rare. The company also states that TestoGen is safe to use over long periods of time.

It is highly encouraging that there is a 100% money back guarantee, indicating that they are confident that the supplement will bring about the desired results.

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What Does Testogen Claim To Do?

It claims to increase the levels of testosterone in the body in a completely safe and natural way, bringing about multiple positive changes and results, including:

  • Improving the mind and body, and improve the way you look and feel
  • Bringing about strength and energy increases which leads to more intense training ability
  • Promoting the development of lean muscle and the burning of fat
  • Helping to boost a low libido and improve sexual performance and stamina

Testogen is made up of eleven main active ingredients which are all derived from purely natural sources, so the risk of side effects is virtually non-existent.

The company also states that changes to the diet are not required to get the most out of the supplement, as when the body’s testosterone levels rise, proteins are used more efficiently which results in the building of muscle mass.

testogen real results

The official website reveals what has gone into this supplement, and the fact that all ingredients are natural, and have been tested over time to ensure they are all completely safe.

My body is working more efficiently, and fat is burning faster than it used to, let me concentrate on bulking up with muscle and improving tone.

Testogen aims to bring about a life-changing effect in men who use it – what they call bringing back a zest for life.

It leads to motivation and capability to train harder, longer and more often, which then results in improved muscular development and the increased burning of body fat.

testogen before after

Because testosterone levels have such as a vital role to play in male health and vitality, by increasing and maintaining testosterone, virtually every aspect of life can benefit.

Have tons more energy. More stamina is a noticeable change for me, as someone who used to tire quickly. I’m more focused for my workouts and fitness now.

Testogen is for men who want to increase their levels of testosterone and reap the multiple benefits that are known to come with that, throughout the entire body.

It can be used to help remove unwanted body fat, increase muscle building capacity, stimulate the libido, increase both physical and mental energy and focus.

Testogen is a natural testosterone boosting supplement that’s made for men 18 years and older who want all the benefits of raising testosterone: from muscle gains to fat loss, to increased strength and energy, and enhanced mental well-being.

Testogen claims to be a revolutionary supplement capable of giving you amazing results both safely and efficiently.

This supplement is only for adult males: it’s not made for women or anyone under 18 years of age.

I’ve put together quick reference pros and cons list for Testogen, which you can use to quickly evaluate this supplement or compare it against other products out there:


  • Only uses known safe and natural ingredients which have proven scientific benefits
  • Expect to notice positive changes within a week of starting, with muscle gains becoming more noticeable after around six weeks
  • Safe for long-term use, although a break of two weeks is recommended every few months to avoid your body becoming dependent on the supplement
  • The company states that dietary changes aren’t required as you’ll have a greater ability to build muscle due to the way testosterone contributes to more efficient protein use
  • The cost is very reasonable when compared with other testosterone boosters
  • Free shipping is available
  • 60-day money back guarantee with all orders


  • They don’t give a delivery time estimate and state that it depends where you live; however, they do encourage you to ask them for specific details about delivery to your location
  • Muscle gains will only be achieved if you combine the supplement with a persistent, dedicated workout program; this is not a magic pill


Testogen comes with a lot of claimed benefits, and every single one of them relates strongly to what happens to the male body when you increase your testosterone levels and maintain them at an optimal level.

The positive effects you can expect to see include:

  • Bigger and faster muscle gains
  • Increased strength
  • More stamina and energy
  • Better mental focus
  • Improved libido

Because testosterone gradually decreases as you age, your entire life is impacted negatively.

Testogen is designed to halt and reverse testosterone decline, as well as provide an extra boost if you’re a guy who is still in your late teens and twenties when your testosterone production is naturally at its maximum.

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Testogen Results

What are guys like you saying about their experiences using Testogen? This is what I wanted to find out, above all else. The company states that they have a “roomful of genuine testimonials” from positive customers.

So I scoured the internet to get an idea of the sentiment behind this supplement from people who are using it, and I was pleased to discover that the opinions are mostly very positive. Here’s what a few guys had to say about Testogen:

I’ve lost weight, feel more active, and have much more confidence.

I’ve increased my strength and gained 7lbs of lean muscle.

I lost 5% body fat in one month and am more sexually active.

What Are The Ingredients For Testogen?

The list of ingredients used in Testogen is simple: it contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and natural extracts each which have some scientific backing behind them when it comes to the benefits they can provide to the production or maintenance of testosterone – as well as countless other bonus benefits.

The ingredients in Testogen are:

  • D-Aspartic Acid 2352mg
  • Magnesium 200mg
  • Nettle Leaf Extract 40mg
  • Fenugreek Extract 4:1 (seeds) 40mg
  • Red Ginseng Powder 40mg
  • Boron 8mg
  • Bioperine 95% Piperine 5mg
  • Vitamin B6 20mg
  • Vitamin D3 52mcg
  • Vitamin K1 20mcg
  • Zinc 10mg

So what are the big benefits of these ingredients when they all work together? By understanding the purpose of each ingredient, you can get a complete understanding of how Testogen works:

Magnesium and Zinc – Its well knew that a zinc deficiency can result in low testosterone, as this essential mineral is required for the production of this hormone. Magnesium is another mineral we require, but which many people also don’t get enough of through the diet. Studies have shown that supplementing with magnesium can increase total free testosterone levels.

Vitamins D, B6 and K1 – We all need Vitamin D to survive, but studies have also shown the role it plays in testosterone production, with one study proving significantly higher T levels in men who supplemented with vitamin D.

Vitamin B6 is another critical vitamin for general health, and studies on rats have shown it definitely plays a role in testosterone and other steroid hormone function, with B6 deficiencies resulting in negative impacts on available testosterone.

And Vitamin K1 plays a role in absorbing the vitamin D that you’re getting in Testogen (and from the sun). As you can see, these critical vitamins all have powerful individual purposes, but all importantly work together as well.

Boron – This trace mineral has shown promising signs in some studies to be able to increase free testosterone levels in men who exercise regularly.

Nettle Leaf Extract – This plant extract has shown an ability to help stop the unwanted process of acting as an SHGB (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) blocker, which is when the testosterone binds to a certain protein that then reduces the amount of testosterone your body can actually use.

D-aspartic Acid – DAA is something you’ll find in many bodybuilding supplements. It’s an amino acid that is needed for protein building through stimulating hormone release, including contributing to testosterone production. Testogen uses the correct form of aspartic acid – D-aspartic acid – rather than the other form which is not involved in testosterone production

Red Ginseng Extract – A traditionally used aphrodisiac, red ginseng is known for its proven benefit of improving overall wellbeing. Studies are ongoing that reveal more about ginseng’s benefits, but am very interesting one on rats showed that at a specific dose, this extract resulted in significantly increased levels of testosterone.

Fenugreek Extract – Another natural extract that’s long been used for its testosterone and libido enhancing abilities, and another little-known effect of fenugreek is its anti-inflammatory properties – something important to you if you’re regularly working out and want to reduce your recovery time and muscle soreness.

Bioperine – This trademarked ingredient takes the best compounds from powerful peppers, in particular, the compound piperine which is known to improve the absorption and bio-availability of other nutrients that you take with it. In other words, Bioperine helps your body get the maximum out of all the other ingredients in Testogen.

Ingredients Verdict

Each of the ingredients in the formula has clinical studies over the years with results showing effectiveness in one or more areas of testosterone increasing ability, or general health and vitality benefits.

With the ingredients list being made available, the company has nothing to hide and provides the peace of mind that they have full confidence in the ability of the product to achieve the results stated – which is why 60-day money back guarantee is offered.

So now you know all about every single ingredient in this supplement. But what are the benefits Testogen provides?

As you would have guessed by now, it all revolves around testosterone.

By getting your testosterone levels up to optimum levels – and keeping them there – Testogen is made to impact virtually every area of your health positively:

1. Build Muscle

It’s what we all want, and you need lots of testosterone to do it. By maintaining your T levels at their maximum healthy level, you’re in prime position to getting the most out of your weight training by putting on lean muscle.

2. Fat Loss

Enhanced testosterone production makes it easier to burn off fat you’ve got stored, and results in less new fat – especially around the stomach where men store weight.

3. Better Mental Clarity

Fatigue, apathy and even depression can result from low T levels. Testogen is designed to reverse these and enhance your mental concentration and energy.

4. Boosted Libido

A welcome side effect for most men is the noticeable increase in libido and sexual performance as a result of increased testosterone pumping through your body.

5. Choose Your Dose

Unlike a lot of muscle and testosterone supplements, Testogen lets you decide when and how much you’ll take each day. You can take up to four pills daily, and they recommend spacing them out throughout the day, rather than taking the entire dose at once. It allows proper and balanced absorption of nutrients all day, without any going to waste.

How to Take Testogen?

You can take up to four capsules per day after food. As a recommendation, the best thing is to spread the doses out throughout the day where possible, as this makes it easier for the body to absorb the ingredients sufficiently. For ideal results, use the product for several months then follow with a break of a few weeks.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The ingredients are only natural herbs and minerals, and the company states that when you take the supplement according to directions, it is entirely safe and effective and does not pose a risk of side effects.

Does Testogen Work?

testogen results

Several clinical studies and other research results are available that highlight the effectiveness of the ingredients used in Testogen.

For example, a clinical study of Fenugreek reveals positive effects in the area of maintaining normal healthy testosterone levels.

Another study on D-Aspartic acid determined that it is an amino acid that plays a vital role in regulating the release of testosterone.

The clinical studies and scientific researching proving the effectiveness of the ingredients.

I started seeing results after about a month, with that increased as time went on. Better results from my workouts, dropping fat off my stomach area, and a lot more energy.

Exceptional research and care have gone into formulating the combination of ingredients in the formula. And rather than focusing on a single goal, such as building muscle, Testogen is designed to improve all aspects of health through the boosting of testosterone.

By using ingredients that bring about a natural increase in strength, energy, stamina, and libido, it puts the body in an original state to then build lean muscle mass, enhance body tone, and burn fat.

Where Can I Buy Testogen?

Buying the product from the official website is the only choice, and ensures that you are receiving a legitimate, safe product. You’ll receive your order within three days. Each bottle contains a one month supply.

The product comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee which removes the risk of buying the product.

The money back guarantee provides no risk to trying Testogen.

Testogen Alternatives

If you’re leaning towards Testogen but still aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger, have you taken a look at some of the alternative products out there that may provide similar results to Testogen?

I’ve researched three of top Testogen alternatives and outlined the main differences and similarities. Hopefully, this summary will help to make your choice more informed and successful!

The three competing alternative supplements to Testogen that I’ve looked carefully at are TestoTEK, HGH-X2, and TestoFuel.


testotekTestoTEK is a testosterone booster made particularly for guys who are over the thirties and going through a natural decline in testosterone levels, although any adult male can use it and reap benefits, even if you’re still in your twenties and indicates it has similar goals to Testogen.

And the ingredients list in TestoTEK reflects this, with only a few differences between the two. Ingredients used in TestoTEK but not in Testogen are:

  • Vitamin B2
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Oyster Body Extract

On the other side of the coin, you’ll find several ingredients in Testogen which don’t take a part of the TestoTEK formula, so the supplements have taken a slightly different approach to achieve the same outcomes.

One crucial ingredient not used in TestoTEK is Bioperine, which adds an extra capability to Testogen when it comes to absorbing all the other components and can potentially give that supplement an edge.

The main differences to be aware of between these two products are:

  • TestoTEK costs more than Testogen per bottle.
  • Testogen has a 60-day money back guarantee, while TestoTEK only has a 30-day guarantee.
  • TestoTEK has more zinc content than Testogen, which is essential to keep in mind if you’re taking any other supplements containing zinc.

Learn more about TestoTEK →


hgh-x2HGH-X2 by Crazy Bulk is focused not precisely on boosting testosterone, but on releasing human growth hormone (HGH).

Its primary focus is on delivering all-around body conditioning:

  • Muscle Gains
  • Fat Loss
  • Quicker Recovery

It’s designed as a legal and natural alternative to Somatropin, which is a medical human growth hormone.

The differences to consider between HGH-X2 and Testogen when it comes to which is better for your own goals, include:

  • HGH-X2 is an excellent choice if you’re heavily focused on bodybuilding, whereas Testogen provides a more comprehensive health boost centered on testosterone
  • If you know you need and want a growth hormone boost, HGH-X2 is the way to go
  • If you’re after improvement to your T levels though, you’ll want to look at Testogen as the more suitable option

HGH-X2 is a supplement from Crazy Bulk and costs slightly less than Testogen per bottle.

Learn more about HGH-X2 →


testofuelTestoFuel is a natural testosterone booster that also contains a very similar formula to Testogen. TestoFuel essentially includes a double boost of zinc, as it has the zinc-rich oyster extract. So again, it’s good to be mindful of this if you happen to be taking any other zinc-containing supplements.

If however, the benefits of zinc are particularly crucial to your goals, this is something to take note of when comparing TestoFuel to Testogen as Testogen does not contain oyster extract.

Let’s look at the other ways that these two supplements compare with each other:

  • TestoFuel costs a little more per bottle than Testogen
  • TestoFuel comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, compared with 60 days for Testogen
  • Both supplements have a maximum dosage of four daily pills
  • TestoFuel is listed as being safe for women to take, whereas Testogen does not make this claim and is focused on boosting testosterone in men only.


Testogen provides a safe and natural option for enhancing testosterone levels.

The low cost and offer of free bottles when purchasing multiple monthly supplies in bulk ensures that it is an affordable option for people who want to breathe new life into their mind and body through increased testosterone production, without the risk of using any harsh ingredients or side effects.

Low testosterone is a problem almost every guy will face at some point. If you’re aged 30 and beyond, doing something about it now ensures your body will continue to function as it did in your 20s, with testosterone contributing to all the essential areas of your body and your health.

Although there are several other quality products in this category of testosterone boosters, Testogen contains some unique features not found in any others – making it a one of a kind supplement.

Why is Testogen an excellent choice if you want to reap the benefits of elevated testosterone?

  • Its ingredient list contains nothing but scientifically backed, high-quality components which each play a known role in stimulating or producing testosterone production.
  • It’s affordably priced in the mid-range of similar supplements.
  • It comes with a generous 60-day money back guarantee which makes it stand out above most competing products (bettered only by the 90-day guarantee offered with TestoFuel).

Testogen is a winner if you’re looking for a cost-effective, well researched, science-backed testosterone booster for muscle growth and your general health and wellbeing as a man.

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