Today we are fortunate to have a choice of hundreds of different supplements for cutting, bulking, increasing strength and muscle growth and speeding up recovery.

Many of these are completely natural supplements which have been created to give users very similar results to anabolic steroids, but without the health risks, legal issues or side effects that are associated with steroids.

Here are the most popular bodybuilding stacks:

Best Bulking Stacks:

Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack
Bulking Stack
Bodybuilding Stack
Muscle Gains Muscle Gains
Mass Gains Mass Gains
Strength Strength

The Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack is a powerful muscle building combo that will power you up with monster muscle gains, superior strength and rapid recovery time.

Crazy Bulk has hit on a real winner with their bulking stack, combining some of the most powerful natural steroid alternatives even developed, and combining them so that each one compounds upon the effects of the others. This means serious results compared to using a single supplement on its own. Read More…

Best Cutting Stacks:

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack
Cutting Stack
Bodybuilding Stack
Lean Muscle Lean Muscle
Performance Perfor- mance
Energy Energy

The Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack is all about shredding, maximum lean muscle and extreme strength and energy.

The impressive benefits of the Crazy Bulk cutting stack can not be understated. They will appeal to a wide range of people with differing goals, but with one thing in common — wanting serious and fast fat shedding and muscle toning. Read More…

Best Strength Stacks:

Crazy Bulk Strength Stack
Strength Stack
Bodybuilding Stack
Performance Perfor- mance
Mass Gains Mass Gains
Strength Strength

The Crazy Bulk Strength Stack is a powerful combo that will power you up with explosive strength, extreme energy and maximum muscle gains.

The Strength Stack is a highly unique formula, in that it combines four very potent supplements into the one stack, while providing results that cover the spectrum of body shaping: fat loss, muscle tone, and energy and strength increases. Read More…

Best Growth Stacks:

Crazy Bulk Growth Stack
Growth Stack
Bodybuilding Stack
Testosterone Testo- Sterone
Mass Gains Mass Gains
Performance Perfor- mance

The Crazy Bulk Growth Stack is a ultimate muscle growth combo that will power you up with massive muscle and mass gains, improved performance and extreme strength.

Serious bodybuilders choose the Crazy Bulk growth stack based on its ability to deliver huge muscle gains and fat loss that leads to a ripped body. The extra energy levels brought about means that workouts can be pumped up to the limits, bringing about even faster gains. Read More…


Combining (stacking) more than one legal steroid at a time allows you to fully maximize your results. Whether it’s strength, bulking, cutting or growth that you’re wanting to achieve, these stacks can deliver those results not only very effectively, but also very quickly.

This is achieved by including natural extracts and other ingredients that contribute to:

  • increasing testosterone production in the body
  • promoting human growth hormone (HGH)
  • bringing about lean muscle gains and safe and effective fat loss

While the very best natural bodybuilding supplements can be highly effective when used in conjunction with a suitable diet and workout program, results can be enhanced considerably when you combine compatible supplements with each other.

This is a process known as stacking, and it’s an increasingly popular method used by people who are serious about achieving incredible bodybuilding results.

EDITOR’S NOTE: A common strategy of stacking supplements together that each have a different purpose is to choose products which cover pre-workout needs, post workout needs, and those that provide benefits during a workout.

To successfully and safely use supplement stacking, you need to be familiar with the ingredients in each supplement, what the purpose of each product is, and how two or more supplements can work together to compound the effects of each other.

Best Bodybuilding Supplement Stacks
  • 9.6/10
    Muscle Growth - 9.6/10
  • 9.5/10
    Strength Gains - 9.5/10
  • 9.4/10
    Fat Loss - 9.4/10
  • 9.5/10
    Workout Recovery - 9.5/10
  • 9.8/10
    Athletic Performance - 9.8/10

The big benefits of using bodybuilding stacks to enhance and supercharge your results include:

  • Multiple supplements working together to enhance performance, recovery and results
  • You can choose the best product for each specific goal you have
  • See faster results than if you were only using a single supplement
  • Know exactly what is going into your body instead of using a dubious “one size fits all” supplement which give questionable results

Before deciding upon a stack that’s right for you, consider what you want to achieve. Typically people will be aiming to:

  • Increase strength
  • Get fast lean muscle growth
  • Increase bulk
  • Lose fat without losing muscle

Below we describe the four most popular types of stacks – bulking, cutting, growth, and strength, how they work, the benefits of each one, and reviews from real users.

Once you have decided on the right stack for your needs and goals, you can start incorporating them into your existing diet and workout regime and expect to see rapid, noticeable results within a short period of time – often within just a few weeks.

Bulking Stack

Packing on bulk and muscle within just a month is something we all want, but doing so with a single supplement is not easy or even possible.

That’s where a bulking stack comes into play: providing a powerful combination of products that all work together to achieve your goals.

This high quality stack consists of four of the most effective and highly regarded muscle building supplements on the market. These supplements are also created by the highly respected company Crazy Bulk, and each individual product is a top seller in its own right, with countless glowing reviews and testimonials to be found.

Let’s take a look at each of these individual supplements in more detail to see what they bring to the table in this muscle building stack:

D-Bal – The main purpose of D-Bal is to help the muscle keep up its nitrogen levels, which is vital for protein building and putting the body into an anabolic state for maximum muscle growth.

DecaDuro – This highly regarded supplement also works to help the muscles retain oxygen, contributing to muscle and strength gains. Additionally, DecaDuro helps to increase the amount of oxygen that gets to the muscles so your workouts can be much more intense, while your recovery times decrease.

Testo Max – Testo Max is a natural testosterone booster, which leads to performance increases in all areas of energy, strength and muscle mass gains by ensuring your body testosterone levels are at their best.

Trenorol – Trenorol also helps with delivering more oxygen to the muscles, allowing enhanced power and strength during workouts. Like DecaDuro and D-Bal, Trenorol also contributes to nitrogen retention in the muscles, helping to deliver awesome gains.

As you can see, the main goals of the Bulking Stack is to bring about increased nitrogen retention in the body, increased oxygen flow to the muscles, and enhanced testosterone levels. All of these aspects contribute to massive muscle gains, increased strength and power, and faster recovery times post workout.

These supplements are each designed to be completely natural while being able to provide the same effects and benefits as steroids – without the nasty side effects or legal issues. The benefits that can be achieved with this bulking stack are hugely impressive. They include:

  • Rapid muscle and bulk gains
  • Big strength increases
  • Huge increases in explosive energy
  • Fast recovery times
  • Results seen quickly: within 30 days of starting the stack

It’s somewhat amusing to see that this stack comes with the light hearted warning that you can expect to see extreme gains with this Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack.

In other words, it really is for people who are absolutely serious about bodybuilding and bulking up big and fast, and it needs to be used in combination with a proper diet and workout regime if you want to get the best possible results out of this stack.

Crazy Bulk recommends using the stack in an eight week cycle, and this is equal to two orders of the Bulking Stack. Stacking supplements like the four in this bulking stack not only provide a way to get awesome, fast results, but also to save money.

In fact you save a huge 20% when purchasing these supplements as a stack compared with buying them all individually. You also receive an extra month’s supply completely free when you order two at a time.

Read our full review or buy the Bulking Stack from its official website.

Cutting Stack

Termed as the ultimate cutting combo, the Cutting Stack from Crazy Bulk has many fans and it’s not hard to see why.

Included in this stack are four of the most popular and highly regarded natural supplements that this company has developed to date. Each plays an individual role in the overall goal of helping you to achieve an extremely chiselled body within a short period of time.

Every single ingredient in each of these products is entirely natural, meaning there are no side effects and no health risks. They are described as being a legal alternative to steroids, as you can see the same results but without the complications and legal issues that come with using steroids.

Taking a more in depth look at each of the supplements contained in the Cutting Stack will shed some more light on exactly how this stack works to help you achieve your goals:

Anvarol – Strength and energy improvements are the goal of Anvarol, with the supplement working to increase the levels of ATP in the body, which contributes heavily to providing energy bursts and the ability to push yourself to the absolute limits during every workout.

Testo Max – Increasing testosterone levels is vital if you are to see the results you want, and that’s what Testo Max is responsible for; and all done naturally. The result is bigger and faster gains and increased energy so you can work out harder and longer.

Winsol – Winsol is well known for its effectiveness in helping to retain lean muscle during cutting cycles. It contributes to body fat reduction without losing the muscle you’ve worked hard to gain. The result is a more sculpted body, noticeable increased vascularity, and a reduction in fat.

Clenbutrol – Clenbutrol helps to boost the body’s metabolism by acting as a thermogenic agent, essentially helping to increase the body’s temperature to it burns stored fat faster which can be used for energy production. Fat is burned and muscle is gained in the process, so Clenbutrol plays a vital part in the body cutting and toning process.

The benefits of the Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack are numerous, and will appeal to people ranging from serious bodybuilders, to athletes, to those who just wanted a toned, sculpted body for the summer to look great in swimwear. The aim of the Cutting Stack is to:

  • Give you a chiselled and ripped body
  • Bring about extremely rapid results within only 30 days
  • Big strength and energy level gains
  • A loss of body fat without losing lean muscle mass
  • Enhanced workouts thanks to energy and performance increases
  • Provide a real, safe alternative to harmful steroids
  • To do it all without any side effects

The Cutting Stack also comes with a bonus free ebook which contains some awesome information to help you get the most out of this stack.

Read our full review or buy the Cutting Stack from its official website.

Growth Stack

The Crazy Bulk Growth Stack is built to be the ultimate muscle growth and fat burning combination. It does this by combining five of the company’s most powerful natural supplements into a stack. The outcome is a formula that deliver rapid, powerful results in all the areas you need it.

It’s no wonder that the Growth Stack is described as the Ultimate Combo of supplements! In fact, the company warns that you can expect to see “crazy” results with this stack.

Taking a closer look at each of the individual supplements that make up the Growth Stack reveals just how awesomely powerful and capable this combination is:

HGH-X2 – The purpose of HGH-X2 is to stimulate the body to produce the much needed and extremely powerful human growth hormone (HGH). The result of an increase in HGH in the body is enhanced muscle gains, much faster recovery times after a workout, and quicker fat loss.

DecaDuro – DecaDuro works to help the body retain its nitrogen levels, which is what is required as a basic building block of protein, and protein is ultimately what is responsible for muscle gains.

Additionally, strength gain can be expected when using Decaduro as part of this Growth Stack. Your workouts can also increase in length and intensity thanks to the way Decaduro helps to deliver more oxygen in red blood cells to the muscles.

D-Bal – Similarly to Decaduro, D-Bal also works to help nitrogen retention in the muscle tissues. The end result is a transformation of the body into a heightened anabolic state, which is when rapid and huge gains are made in both muscle size and strength.

Testo Max – Developed to be a natural testosterone booster, Testo Max contains one of the most powerful natural extracts in tribulus terrestris which is well known for its effect on testosterone enhancement. The results are exceptional gains on all levels, from energy to strength, to muscle mass and overall performance.

Clenbutrol – Clenbutrol is a natural metabolism booster, thanks to the way it can increase the internal temperature of the body. With a heightened metabolic rate, the body burns up stored fat and uses it for energy during workouts. Body fat is shredded and muscle mass is retained, with the result being a physique that is ripped and toned.

The benefits of the Crazy Bulk Growth Stack are numerous. Consider what you can achieve when combining these five supplements into a single stack.

  • A legal and natural alternative to steroids: same results but without the side effects
  • Huge muscle gains
  • Massive gains in strength and energy
  • Rapid fat loss
  • Faster recovery post workout
  • Results seen very quickly: within just 30 days of starting the stack

If pumping up your testosterone production and natural growth hormone levels is what you want, then this is the stack to get. Eliminating fat, bulking up with quality lean muscle, and getting an awesome physique is what the Growth Stack is designed to deliver.

Read our full review or buy the Growth Stack from its official website.

Strength Stack

Described as being able to bring about strength gains so extreme that it comes with a “warning” (in a light hearted way), the Strength Stack from respected supplement company Crazy Bulk has been created for people who are absolutely serious about their results and who are dedicated to their workouts.

Contains in this stack are some of the most popular and respected supplements that the company has ever produced. Each has a specific purpose, and overall when they work together the results are said to be explosive strength, muscle and energy gains.

All of the supplements in this stack are so powerful that they are described as being legal steroid alternatives. In other words, they are capable of giving you the same results as a steroid, without the side effects. Let’s take a look at these individual supplements in the stack in some more detail, to discover how each one contributes to massively increased strength:

Testo Max – This is a powerful natural testosterone booster supplement that is made from pure tribulus terrestris extract, a well known ingredient with proven results in increasing testosterone levels. More testosterone means more strength, more energy and more muscle gains.

Trenorol – More oxygen getting to the muscles with increased red blood cell production is what Trenorol is designed to do. The outcome of this process is greatly increased strength and power which is noticeable while working out.

Anvarol – This supplement focuses on boosting adenosine triphosphate levels in the body, also known as ATP. This is vital for providing you with the ability to workout longer and harder, thanks to explosive bursts of energy the body is capable of when ATP levels are at their peak.

D-Bal – Nitrogen retention in the muscles is the central purpose of D-Bal; another process vital for big muscle growth and increased strength as the body is put into a higher anabolic state when the muscles are retaining more nitrogen.

Each of these individual supplements play a unique role in the overall goal of the Strength Stack: to increase your strength to massive levels, but also to consequently put you in the position to achieve massive muscle gains and an overall increase in performance and power.

The big benefits of taking the Strength Stack from Crazy Bulk include:

  • It provides a legal and safe alternative to steroids, using only natural ingredients so there are no unwanted side effects
  • The main goal is to provide you with explosive increases in strength
  • Achieve massively increased muscle gains
  • Higher energy and more power during workouts
  • Results will be noticeable within only 30 days
  • Highly reputable company with a well known ability to create effective, safe and natural bodybuilding supplements that deliver results

If you want to drastically increase your strength to levels you’ve never known before, and put your body into a prime muscle building state, the Strength Stack is the perfect option that ticks all the right boxes.

Read our full review or buy the Strength Stack from its official website.


The results that people are seeing with all four of these stacks from Crazy Bulk speak for themselves.

I feel more confident in my progress now, whereas before I started using this growth stack I felt I had hit a brick wall and wasn’t getting anywhere with my gains. Now I’m pushing my workouts further than ever and seeing the results of that hard work pay off. I love how my recovery times have decreased a lot as well, so I can get back in the gym sooner and am fitting in an extra workout a week now thanks to this. This is good stuff from Crazy Bulk!

This cutting stack started working real fast for me, in about three weeks I was seeing fat loss and noticeable firmness and more toned all over. It definitely works, but you need to combine with pretty intensive working out and a decent diet (no point eating high fat junk) if you are to get the most out of it all. I’m happy so far with the Cutting Stack and the company Crazybulk have been great with answering all my questions.

I have been using this Growth Stack now for almost an 8 week cycle after losing a lot of weight when I stopped training for a few years and getting out of shape (and older). Wow, the results are awesome and I just wish I’d started this sooner! I’m feeling younger, my strength and energy have more than tripled just in the past few weeks, and I’m making great muscle gains with my added strength in the gym. Plus the fat is dropping off and I’m starting to see my real body shape again. I can’t speak highly enough of this great stack from Crazybulk.

I thought there was no way I would see results in a few weeks but that’s exactly what happened with the strength stack, so its not just marketing hype (like so many other products out there!!). I felt my energy and strength boosting halfway into my first cycle and I can push myself a lot of harder when working out now so the gains are coming on thick and fast. This is a great stack that has obviously been planned perfectly with just the right ingredients to give awesome results, even to naturally small guys like me.

A good percentage in body fat reduction has happened since I started using the cutting stack a couple of months ago. I’m on 8 week cycles which I think is the best way to get awesome results. I can now work out longer, have so much more energy and am more toned and ripped enough that people are noticing. That’s what happens when you start burning serious fat like this stack lets you. Great products!

I couldn’t believe that a natural supplement would be able to deliver the same outcome as a steroid, but Crazy Bulk insisted this was possible when you use the growth stack with a quality diet and workout program. It really does work though (and no side effects!!), and while it’s definitely not some sort of overnight miracle (you have to work hard in the gym), after less than one month I’m seeing results which I consider to be very fast. Definitely feeling stronger and noticing that I’m bulking up well during this time.

Feeling stronger and fitter since starting this bulking stack, I’m now just at the end of my first cycle (4 weeks). Gained about 10 pounds already of muscle, no fat. Plan to do another 4 weeks so I follow their recommended 8 week cycle plan. Awesome results!

Great gains being seen after using the strength stack for nearly a month now. I was seeing decent results using individual supplements but I like how this stacked has been put together specifically to focus on strength which is exactly what I needed. Bonus that it is all natural so I’m not getting any bad side effects or anything, it is basically a legal version of a steroid which is how they describe it. I was skeptical that was even possible but the results are very much like what you get from steroids and my muscle growth is noticeable. I’m happy with this stack!

These are high quality supplements on their own, but when combined with multiple other supplements they are able to compliment each other and bring about compounding benefits and results.

It’s rare that you can achieve such extreme results within a short space of time without resorting to the use of steroids. However, Crazy Bulk makes this happen within 30 days or less, and does so with the use of nothing other than proven natural ingredients. This means you get the results without the side effects.

A discount applies across all of these packages when you purchase two month’s worth of supply of any stack, in that you receive a third month for free. If you plan to use any stack over a long term, this is going to save you considerable money.

Once you’ve received your stack, make sure you check out the recommended cycles and usage guide for each, so you can tailor it to your own goals and routine.

Crazy Bulk supplement stacks are highly respected and high quality, and when used with a suitable diet and workout program, can deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Disclaimer: This review is based on extensive research from the information publicly available online at the time of posting and our personal opinion. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The results shown in the Results’ section may not be typical and your results may vary. If you feel that any of the provided information is inaccurate, please contact us.