Marine Muscle Sergeant Review (2017 Update)


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Man boobs is an alarmingly common and embarrassing problem that many men face.

Having a chest that looks more feminine than masculine is enough to dent the ego of any self respecting man.

Sergeant has been developed to directly help with gynecomastia (man boobs).

But can this natural supplement live up to the claims being made? Can Sergeant really provide a natural and safe alternative to surgery or prescription medications for man boobs?

We’ve done the research on Marine Muscle Sergeant. Keep reading to see what we’ve discovered about this natural gynecomastia treatment and whether it really can be the answer to your man boobs problem.

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Note: This review was first published in February 2017. We recently gave it a much needed update. We also added a bunch of new information and customer results.

What is Sergeant?

Sergeant is a natural and legal supplement aimed specifically at targeting the problem of man boobs.

Sergeant is aimed at reducing the excessive chest fat tissue that causes this embarrassing problem, as well as helping you to define your pectoral muscles for a significantly more masculine appearance.

Overall, Sergeant’s big goal is to give you a better looking chest and to rid you of the problem of man boobs permanently.

sergeant results

It starts working quickly – with results able to be seen within just weeks of starting the supplement.

Sergeant makes use of only natural ingredients, each which have a potent benefit but without the side effects that often come with other forms of gynecomastia treatments.

What Does Sergeant Claim To Do?

Sergeant claims to be able to help you achieve a “better looking chest” and to defeat male gynecomastia to make it look like you’ve been spending serious time in the gym.

Sergeant is able to help you to:

  • Reduce the swelling and inflammation of breast tissue that causes man boobs
  • Give your pectoral muscles a more defined look
  • Achieve an overall better looking chest
  • Do it all with purely natural ingredients
  • Get rid of man boobs with a safe alternative to surgery and steroids

Sergeant promises that its formula is “wickedly effective at targeting subcutaneous fat of male mammary glands“.

This means that the supplement goes straight to where you most want to get rid of excess fat: your chest.

Sergeant is described as a 100% legal alternative to steroids and as a supplement that can “wipe out your man boobs“, leading to a more masculine chest and one that you no longer have to be ashamed to reveal.

Combining (Stacking) Information

Sergeant is not currently part of any stacks from Marine Muscle.

If you wish to use Sergeant to improve your gynecomastia while also using another natural supplement from the company to help with other goals such as muscle building, Marine Muscle will be able recommend the best possible combination for you.

What Are The Ingredients For Sergeant?

Sergeant is a natural alternative for men who want to address their unwanted man boobs, without resorting to surgery or other methods that can come with drastic costs and side effects.

Sergeant contains a number of powerful natural ingredients which each play an important role in the overall goal of reducing the excessive fat tissues of the breast area.

The ingredients in Sergeant are:

  • Chromium 240mcg
  • Potassium 33mg
  • Gugulipid 100mg
  • Cocoa 100mg
  • Evodiamine 50mg
  • Green Coffee and Green Tea Extracts 200mg
  • Fenugreek Extract 75mg

Learn More:


Fat Loss, Lean Muscle240mcg per serving
Chromium is believed to contribute to both fat loss and the gaining of lean muscle. This trace mineral is only required in small amounts to gain its benefits, which also includes helping to normalize blood sugar levels.



Carb Blocker33mg per serving
Potassium helps to metabolize the fat and carbohydrates you get from food. A lack of potassium can result in the body retaining water and swelling, leading to an appearance of weight gain. Reducing the swelling of the breast tissue is a key role of Sergeant, therefore potassium is a central ingredient in this supplement.



Metabolism, Fat Burning100mg per serving
This tree gum extract has long been used in traditional medicine for lowering the cholesterol and increasing thyroid function, potentially resulting in a speeding up of the metabolism which leads to faster fat burning. It also has some mild stimulant effects, bringing about increased energy.

source: National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)


Reduce Fat100mg per serving
Some studies have shown that cocoa helps reduce the amount of dietary fat that is stored as fatty tissue on the body. Another study showed that cocoa can also have some anti-inflammatory effects.

source: Wikipedia


Thermogenesis50mg per serving
This plant extract is known to increase thermogenesis in the body (increases body heat), which can bring about the burning of fat.


Green Coffee Extract and Green Tea Extract

Energy, Fat Loss200mg per serving
This natural energy blend gives you an extra kick to enhance your motivation and energy to exercise and workout to help speed up the process of fat burning and muscle gain, which will naturally result in man boobs decreasing faster.

source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

Fenugreek Extract

Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory Benefits75mg per serving
75 mg of Fenugreek concentrate is a vital ingredient in Sergeant as it has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties so is able to target the root cause of the swelling of the breast tissue.


Each ingredient in Sergeant has been chosen based on its specific ability to contribute to reducing excessive fatty tissue on the chest, as well as contributing to overall fat loss.

Increasing energy is also an important part of Sergeant, and by encouraging exercise and muscle building, you will see faster results and a higher likelihood of attaining a much firmer, toned chest once the unwanted fat has been eliminated.

How to Take Sergeant?

The recommended dosage of Sergeant is to take 2 capsules daily.

Capsules should be taken with water, and it is advisable to take the capsules about 20 minutes before eating breakfast.

Marine Muscle recommends using Sergeant for at least 90 days before evaluating your results, and to get the most out of the supplement it must be used alongside a suitable diet and exercise regime.

Does Sergeant Have Any Side Effects?

Because only natural ingredients are used in Sergeant, side effects are not expected or reported, despite the fact that it can achieve the same results as a steroid.

It’s important to note however, that Sergeant does contain some caffeine ingredients so those people with a known caffeine sensitivity may wish to speak with their doctor before using Sergeant.

So Does Sergeant Work?

Unlike general fat loss supplements, Sergeant is made to directly target excessive fat tissue on the male chest.

Therefore each natural ingredient has been included based on its ability to contribute to that specific process.

To attain the very best results with Sergeant – which is a total elimination of your man boobs – it must be used in combination with a smart diet and a regular workout program.

Very few supplements have such a narrow target as Sergeant does with man boobs.

Its target is the chest pectoral fat which are the result of swelling and excessive fat storage.

This isn’t a general weight loss supplement, but instead one that aims to treat this exact issue.

Every single ingredient found in Sergeant has its own specific ability to contribute to reducing and getting rid of gynecomastia, with nothing added unless it contributes to this overall goal.

Marine Muscle has formulated yet another highly valuable supplement in Sergeant, addressing a need that is so often overlooked despite the distress that men with man boobs experience

By having a natural alternative to other types of treatment, Sergeant gives you a safe method of directly targeting gynecomastia without the worry of side effects.

Any Sergeant Reviews From Customers?

Small number of customers have left their feedback for Marine Muscle Sergeant online.

A selection of these comments are below:

I almost thought this product was another bunch of dollars gone down the drain, and had completely given up by the second week. My friend pushed me to continue as he had gotten good results from it. To my relief, my man boobs started disappearing slowly around the end of the third week and I looked like a completely different person once I was into the seventh week of using Marine Muscle Sergeant. It’s quite unlike any product that I had tried before. My confidence levels are at a new high and girls look at me in a completely different way!

My results started coming in the second week, beginning from the outer areas of my chest and then melting away all the fat up until the tits region. What everyone used to call bitch tits earlier transformed into rock solid man tits that any girl would dig! It’s pretty strange how people around you start treating you differently just because you assume a different body shape. I’m not saying that I have any complaints. But just food for thought! On a side note, would highly recommend Marine Muscle Sergeant to anyone suffering from gynecomastia.

No man would like to suffer from man boobs. I couldn’t step into the gym after I had completed my bulking phase and made the mistake of doing it with the help of some stupid steroids suggested by my friends. Just the idea of everyone staring at my chest was too discomforting for me to even step out of home. I started missing my university classes and my parents also started getting worried about me. Came across Marine Muscle website randomly while researching this condition on the Internet. Dug into my savings and bought Sergeant without telling anyone. I’d say that this has been the best investment I have ever made in my life, which has delivered results without any delays.

My girlfriend noticed them for the first time when we were making out at her home. It dawned upon me only later after I took a good look at myself in the mirror. Seemed like all those nonsense supplements I had been having were leaving a side effect in the form of these bitch tits. Consulted my fitness trainer and he directed me to the Marine Muscle website. Won’t say that I wasn’t skeptical, but honestly, I wanted to get rid of this feminine feature at the earliest possible. And people at Marine Muscle were promising quick results. It was a gamble, and am glad it paid! My man boobs are gone in eight weeks and my chest has never been so well defined before.

Where Can I Buy Sergeant?

The only place that Sergeant can be purchased is from the official Marine Muscle website.

A one month supply (one bottle) of the supplement is currently priced at $69.99.

Marine Muscle provides free shipping throughout the United States.

Sergeant is only available within the USA, so this is a product that is available exclusively to Americans.

Once you have used Sergeant for at least the recommended period of time of 90 days, you can share your results and a review or rating on the Marine Muscle website.

While Sergeant does not come with a guarantee, it does come with Marine Muscle’s 7 day refund offer which allows you to return any unused bottles for a full refund within this period of time.

Our Verdict

Sergeant targets a distressing issue that many men suffer with, but few know how to treat without surgery or prescriptions.

This real alternative for addressing man boobs lets men get their male body back fast – without side effects.

What we like about Sergeant:

  • Provides a safe, painless alternative for treating man boobs
  • You can see positive results within just a few weeks
  • Contains only carefully selected natural ingredients that each have a purpose
  • Made in America with the highest quality ingredients
  • Made by a reputable and highly respected supplement company
  • Free USA shipping

What we don’t like about Sergeant:

  • Not available outside the United States
  • Some ingredients contain caffeine which may affect caffeine-sensitive people

We can confidently recommend Sergeant for men who want to rid themselves of the problem of man boobs and regain a masculine chest in a safe, painless and natural way.

We approve Marine Muscle Sergeant.

Buy Sergeant at the official website here.