Top 10 Best Muscle Building Supplements of 2019: Types, Reviews & Comparison

The first step when choosing muscle building supplements is to decide what type you need. It pays to be educated on what makes a great natural muscle building supplement because your choice will mean the difference between fantastic success or disappointment (and wasted money).

Steroid Alternatives

natural steroid alternatives
Best Natural Steroid Alternatives

Steroid alternatives are some of the most potent muscle building supplements available and are purely for the most serious, dedicated users so these should only be considered if you’re confident you want extreme results.

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Legal steroids can have a heavy focus on either cutting (shredding fat) or building muscle. Some will target both, while other products will focus specifically on one or the other.

A top quality legal steroid can also contribute to other areas: they can significantly speed up your recovery times, provide a massive boost to energy and strength, and increase your vascularity. The clear benefit of legal steroids is that you can achieve extreme results, provided you put in the gym time!

Why are Legal Steroids Good?

  • Give you an edge over competitors without causing the legal issues of real steroids
  • Not only contribute to massive gains but also enhance overall athletic performance and strength
  • If you’ve hit a plateau with your progress, a legal steroid can help you smash through it

Why are Legal Steroids Bad?

  • Inferior quality products will have a poor mix of ingredients or an ineffective quantity: these are to be avoided
  • You’ll only see the promised results of a legal steroid if you’re dedicated to a serious and intensive workout program: there are no magic pills.

Do Legal Steroids Work?

Legal steroids are muscle building supplements which are made using all natural ingredients that are intended to provide the same (or at least very similar) results to taking anabolic steroids, but without giving you those dreaded side effects.

But can they work? The answer comes down to the quality of the product.

Top quality natural muscle building supplements use ingredients that have proven benefits – and these can undoubtedly deliver results to rival that of steroids. That’s why it’s vital that you’ve done the research to determine the quality and effectiveness of any legal steroid product that you’re considering using.

But remember: the muscle building supplements are not magic pills. The best steroid alternatives will only work when you use them with an appropriate workout and diet plan in line with your specific goals – whether that be to shred fat, gain massive muscle or both.

What are the Best Steroid Alternatives?

Our extensive research undertaken over an extended period has led us to decide on three superb steroid alternatives that have proven to stand above the crowd.

1. Trenorol (Our Top Pick)

trenorol muscle building supplements Trenorol is a legal alternative to the popular steroid Trenbolone. Trenorol makes use of nothing but natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to have powerful benefits for increasing muscle mass, burning fat and enhancing your strength and stamina.

This makes Trenorol a real powerhouse amongst muscle building supplements, and an excellent choice for you if you’re serious about your bodybuilding.

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2. D-Bal (Dianabol)

D-Bal D-Bal is a serious supplement only suited to you if you’re entirely dedicated to an intensive, ongoing bodybuilding regime. D-Bal works by helping the muscles retain more nitrogen so that increased cell protein can be built – resulting in rapid muscle growth.

D-Bal is built from the ground up with natural ingredients to give you the same results as the hugely popular steroid Dianabol – but again, without the very nasty side effects.

$59.99 / Buy It Here

3. Anadrole

anadrole Anadrole is a legal steroid alternative designed to deliver massive, extreme muscle gains and more efficient recovery.

Anadrole contains ingredients that work to increase the production of red blood cells so that more oxygen gets to your muscles – this enables you to workout harder and longer as more oxygen equals slower fatigue of the muscles.

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Growth Hormone (HGH) Supplements

natural hgh supplements
Best Natural Growth Hormone (HGH) Supplements

Growth hormone is critical for – you guessed it – growth! And that includes muscle growth. HGH supplements are built to provide just the right level of growth hormone production in your body and provide a safe alternative to dangerous and illegal synthetic HGH.

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Growth hormone is an anabolic hormone – meaning it contributes to the growth of body tissue, including your muscles. Too much growth hormone can have a drastically negative impact on your body and health, which is another reason for considering only natural HGH supplements.

The benefits of HGH supplements include increasing your energy, speeding up your recovery times and of course: faster muscle gains!

Why are HGH Supplements Good?

  • Provide similar benefits to HGH injections but you won’t get the nasty side effects
  • You won’t run into any legal issues with a natural HGH alternative
  • A top quality HGH supplement will start giving you noticeable results quickly

Why are HGH Supplements Bad?

  • Not magic pills: to gain muscle, you need to work out regularly while you’re taking an HGH supplement.
  • They might not work as instantly as synthetic HGH; but on the upside, you’re not suffering from adverse effects either.

Do HGH Supplements Work?

Growth hormone supplements have the core aim of increasing the amount of HGH (human growth hormone) that is produced in the body.

Your body naturally produces growth hormone. It’s known that intensive exercise brings about the natural release of growth hormone. So the goal of a growth hormone supplement is to increase this to a higher level.

The key is to find a GH supplement that is formulated to deliver, based on scientific evidence of the effectiveness of each ingredient.

How Much Muscle Can You Gain From a Growth Hormone Supplement?

This will depend on several factors, including what you eat and your physical activity, as well as things like how much sleep you’re getting and even how stressed you are.

Our Top Pick for The Best HGH Supplement:

We suggest using HGH-X2. But why? What makes HGH-X2 our top choice when it comes to HGH? Check it out:

1. HGH-X2 (HGH)

HGH-X2 A natural HGH booster, HGH-X2 is made to deliver wide-ranging benefits from muscle gains to burning off stubborn fat, to faster recovery and increased endurance.

HGH-X2 does this by using four ingredients that have proven benefits. Mucuna Pruriens, for example, has shown to contribute to increased growth hormone directly, while Maca plant extract (rich in amino acids, protein, and iron) provides a boost in endurance and energy.

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Testosterone Boosters

natural testosterone boosters
Best Natural Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone boosters aim to ramp up your production of all vital testosterone; the hormone which will make or break how much muscle you gain, and how much fat you do (or don’t) store – as well as a host of other health factors like your libido, energy, and even your mental health.

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A natural testosterone booster supplement does not contain testosterone – instead, they’re made up of ingredients which stimulate your body’s natural processes to produce more testosterone.

The number of natural testosterone boosters to choose from is staggering – therefore you will want to know how to pick a quality one that puts substance over hype.

Studies show that boosting testosterone helps increase muscle mass while making it easier to burn fat – but only if you’re taking a testosterone booster that works!

An effective testosterone booster can help reverse your naturally declining testosterone if you’re aged 30 and up when testosterone begins to decrease.

Why are Testosterone Boosters Good?

  • Stimulate the production of testosterone in a safe and legal way
  • Increased testosterone can contribute to a stronger bone density – providing better support for more muscle
  • The best muscle building supplements contain ingredients that have wide-ranging benefits beyond just boosting testosterone levels, including enhancing your quality of sleep and speeding up recovery post-workout

Why are Testosterone Boosters Bad?

  • No matter how great a testosterone booster is, it won’t magically build muscle for you. Be prepared to put in the gym work if you want the results that a product promises
  • The very best testosterone booster supplements can be expensive

Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

We know for sure that testosterone plays a central role in the process of muscle growth. One of the primary ways it does this is to increase muscle protein synthesis. Unfortunately, testosterone production starts to decline in men from the age of 30 onwards naturally. On average, this happens at a rate of about 1% decline in testosterone each year after age 30.

Declining testosterone leads you to experience a host of unwanted changes: reduced ability to gain muscle, increased body fat, lower bone density, decreased confidence and motivation, and lower libido. So clearly, boosting testosterone is not only crucial for your muscle gains but your entire health and well-being as a man.

Our Top Pick for The Best Testosterone Booster:

Our top-rated best testosterone boosting supplement is Testogen. But what makes Testogen our first choice when it comes to boosting testosterone? Check it out:

1. Testogen

testogen Testogen is a top quality supplement that contains ingredients that have proven benefits, and can potentially help you build muscle by boosting and maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

Testogen is a top quality supplement that when used in conjunction with a balanced diet and proper workout plan, can potentially help you build muscle by boosting and maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

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Nitric Oxide Boosters

natural nitric oxide boosters
Best Natural Nitric Oxide Boosters

Nitric Oxide boosters have become very popular in recent years thanks to groundbreaking science which shows the awesome effects they can have on the body, allowing you to exercise longer and harder due to the increase in nutrient and oxygen delivery.

NO2-Max is our recommended nitric oxide booster supplement that is proven to deliver results.

Nitric oxide transmits signals to the other cells and helps with blood flow and circulation by penetrating the smooth muscles and relaxing the arteries. Nitric oxide also plays an important role in fighting off bacteria and defending the immune system.

Don’t expect muscles to magically appear after taking a few pills, but do expect to be able to work out harder and longer, with better recovery times.

Diet Pills / Fat Burners

natural fat burners
Best Natural Fat Burners

Once you have made the decision to start a diet aiming for fat loss, it also makes sense to look into which supplements may help you hit your weight loss target faster.

The trick is to understand that not all fat burners are equal! Many will do little or nothing to help you lose fat, but are very heavy on claims and marketing hyperbole!

The fat burners shown here (Gynectrol and Sergeant) have all been reviewed by our very own team and found to be effective when used as part of a cutting cycle.

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You will probably find that our reviews on fat burning supplements are a little bit different to others you may have read online, this is because we have actually done the research and tested the supplements, to provide real reviews, rather than simply copying the sales blurb as most websites do!

What’s Next?

We’ve covered some of the best muscle building supplements as well as the main types of supplements you should be looking at if bulking up is your top priority.

Once you’ve decided on your specific goals: whether that be to boost your testosterone level, gain mass or to experience the benefits of a real steroid without risking your health, you can then select from some of the very best supplements for muscle gain that we’ve researched to make your decision easier.

Keep in mind that it’s often possible to stack multiple muscle building supplements (always check with the manufacturer first for their stacking recommendation), so you don’t have to settle on one single type of supplement. This allows you to compound the effects of each product, potentially giving you off the chart results.

And remember: the best muscle enhancers are only as good as the workout and diet program you combine them with.

If you’re dedicated to getting the absolute max out of every rep, set and workout, the best muscle building supplements can only enhance your results to levels not otherwise possible without resorting to steroids.