hghThe body naturally produces growth hormone (HGH – Human Growth Hormone) and upping levels of this hormone really can turn back the body’s clock, facilitating the rapid building of muscle, reduced fat, and increased libido!

If you are living in the USA, buying an HGH requires a doctor’s prescription, plus it requires an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection to be effective. HGH is responsible for cell growth and regeneration, so adding muscle mass is next to impossible without it.

The HGH boosting supplements featured below do not need a prescription and are (at the time of writing) perfectly legal to own and use in the USA. However, not all HGH supplement brands will live up to your expectations, but there are many HGH supplements that work really well so it is important that you choose one that contains both safe and effective ingredients.

The products featured below contain ingredients which have been tried and tested to produce exceptional results, so are the next best thing to injectable HGH.

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Fat Loss Fat Loss
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Muscle Growth Muscle Growth

Safe and legal alternative to the popular steroid Somatropin, HGH-X2 is one of the best HGH boosting supplements, promoting lean muscle growth, quick fat burning and faster post-workout recovery times. Perfect for cutting cycles. READ THE REVIEW