Gynectrol Review – Does it burn away unwanted chest fat?

This review is for anybody who has heard of Gynectrol and wanted to know more about it and whether it’s a good choice as a male breast reduction supplement.

The supplement has a particular purpose: to reduce and remove the presence of dreaded and embarrassing gynecomastia, otherwise known as “man boobs.”

It claims to be able to eliminate all signs of this common problem in men. But does it work? Is it the answer to your enlarged breast tissue problem?

I like:

  • All-natural fully disclosed formula for safe, natural treatment for the embarrassing problem of man boobs
  • Provides an alternative to surgical or other invasive procedures
  • Made by a reputable company known for top quality supplements and excellent customer service, loads of positive customer reviews and testimonials

I don’t like:

  • Not a miracle cure – you need to stick to an intensive exercise program and a proper diet to reduce chest fat
  • Contains caffeine which may affect sensitive people

I’ve looked at Gynectrol in depth to find out how it works and whether this is going to be a good choice for solving your gynecomastia problem.

Gynectrol Review

gynectrol review

Gynectrol is an all natural chest fat burner designed to provide a quick and permanent reduction of unwanted breast tissue in men. Specifically, it’s the subcutaneous adipose tissue that needs to be targeted by the supplement if you are to eliminate your breast fat.

It is for men who have unwanted excess fat in the breast area. If you have this embarrassing condition, then the supplement is for you. It is made to “obliterate man boobs fast,” and this is the specific purpose of the product.

Have noticed a real difference in chest fat disappearance (chest fat reduction). Legit product.

You only need to take two capsules per day, and for best results, you need to combine the supplement with a good training routine.

What Does Gynectrol Claim To Do?

The product claims that it can:

  • Reduce the size of unwanted and unsightly male breasts
  • Provide results within a matter of weeks
  • Improve the overall appearance of the chest area
  • Do it all using only natural ingredients which are both safe and legal
  • Can be stacked with Clenbutrol for even better results

Crazy Bulk, the company behind the product, provides free shipping around the world as well as order tracking and comprehensive customer service.

gynectrol before after

Gynectrol is a supplement made for addressing a particular problem in men. So while it isn’t designed to be stacked with other supplements, there is nothing stopping people who want to build muscle at the same time from using other safe, natural supplements like those from Crazy Bulk.

The best results can be seen when it’s used alongside a proper training and diet program that encourages fat burning, including cardio work and resistance training.

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What Are The Ingredients For Gynectrol?

Gynectrol only uses natural ingredients, with each one is chosen based on its ability to help reduce body fat. Taking a closer look at each ingredient reveals that there are no fillers, and when they are all combined, this formula works to target male breast fat effectively.

  • Caffeine 200mg
  • Green tea extract 125mg
  • Guggulsterones plant extract 50mg
  • Theobromine cacao 50mg
  • Sclareolides 25mg

Caffeine – well known to be able to increase the body’s metabolic rate, which leads to faster fat burning. Caffeine, when used in a measured amount like in Gynectrol, is a powerful contributor to weight loss and it plays a central role in this supplement.

Green tea extract – containing some caffeine as well as other powerful substances, green tea extract has long been used for weight loss purposes. It helps with the breakdown of fat by increasing the process of cellular fat burning.

Guggulsterones plant extract – also known as just guggul, the sap extract from this powerful plant increases the function of the thyroid, which leads to an increase in metabolism. This the leads to quicker fat burning.

Theobromine cacao – theobromine is the potent ingredient in chocolate that is found in the cocoa bean, but unlike chocolate, when this ingredient is used on its own, it can help with weight loss by acting as a stimulant and a weaker form of caffeine. Including this ingredient in the formula provides an extra fat burning boost without side effects.

Sclareolides – when combined with caffeine, this powerful plant extract results in a contributing to lipolysis, which is the breakdown of body fat.

Ingredients Verdict

These five ingredients have excellent fat burning abilities individually, but when combined in a formula, their functions and processes are enhanced and expanded upon. This unique combination of ingredients is only found in Gynectrol which is what makes it such an effective remedy for gynecomastia in men.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

No side effects have been listed for Gynectrol. It does use caffeine as a main active ingredient, so some people who are caffeine sensitive may experience unwanted side effects related to that sensitivity such as increased heart rate and jitters.

Does Gynectrol Work?

While no studies or trials have taken place, the ingredients used in the supplement are well known for their fat burning benefits.

Caffeine and Green Tea extract both bring about increased thermogenesis and a metabolism rise in the body, leading to faster fat burning. And when it comes to getting rid of man boobs, burning fat is the top priority.

gynectrol review

Gynectrol is receiving some great feedback from customers, with people happy with the results they are seeing. The supplement works as described provided it’s combined with an exercise and diet program that encourage fat loss and ideally, muscle gain as well, to speed up the process of reducing excess fatty tissue on the chest.

Where Can I Buy Gynectrol?

The official Crazy Bulk website is the only place that the product can be bought. A special discount is available that gives you one free bottle when you purchase two bottles.

Each bottle is a one-month supply, and it is recommended that it be used for a minimum of three months for best results. The current price is $61.99 per bottle.

The company provides free delivery worldwide and secure online payment. They also have an online chat support feature to assist you with any questions.


Gynectrol is a fantastic new male breast reduction product; a fat burner formulated to melt away unwanted chest fat naturally. It is the only effective treatment for men who suffer from Gynecomastia, more commonly known as man boobs.

Providing men with a natural alternative to other gynecomastia treatments, the product works fast and safely. It’s well priced and comes from a reputable company known for delivering results and customer satisfaction. Gynectrol is suited for an adult male who is serious about changing his body shape for the better.

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