Marine Muscle Gunner Review (2017 Update)


Have you heard about the muscle growth supplement Gunner from Marine Muscle?

And want to know more about it?

Well we’ve taken a close up look at this apparently very powerful product to find out exactly what it can do for you – and if it really works.

Is Gunner able to deliver on the bold claims being made? Or is this just another over-hyped bodybuilding supplement?

Read on to find out, because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

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Note: This review was first published in February 2017. We recently gave it a much needed update. We also added a bunch of new information and customer results.

What is Gunner?

Gunner is a natural supplement with a heavy focus on massive muscle gains and strength development.

It also has a focus on burning fat, and doing so without losing muscle.

There are additional capabilities of Gunner as well, in addition to packing on the muscle: stamina increases so you can push harder during workouts, enhanced vascularity for that ripped look, and faster post-workout recovery times so you’re ready for your next session sooner.

Gunner is designed as a legal and safe alternative to steroids which uses all natural ingredients and no concerns about side effects.

Unlike many other people, who are looking for very specific results, I approached this more as a generic supplement which would give me all round benefits. And that’s exactly what it did for me. It boosted my fat burning, muscle gains, strength and recovery time. After looking at it closely I figured that it actually targets almost every fitness aspect and can be used as a springboard for major achievements. In fact you can also use it as a part of their bulking stack. My lifts are heaviest they have ever been. I would happily recommend it to every bodybuilder.

What Does Gunner Claim To Do?

Gunner is described as both a serious muscle building supplement, as well as one that is versatile enough to be used by people who have other goals like fat loss and faster muscle recovery.

Gunner has been formulated to help you to:

  • Achieve huge muscle gains
  • Increase your strength substantially
  • Have noticeably more visible vascularity
  • Recover quicker after working out
  • Enhance stamina to a whole new level

Gunner is advertised as being suitable only for people who are very committed to using it alongside a dedicated training program so you can reap the maximum results.

A core function of this supplement is to help the muscle issue to retain more nitrogen, which leads to increased protein building ultimately: more muscle being built faster.

gunner review

Anyone can benefit from this powerful formula, from hardcore bodybuilders to serious athletes, because there are additional benefits like faster recovery after you’ve worked out, and the way that Gunner can improve your overall body conditioning.

Combining (Stacking) Information

Marine Muscle has put together two powerful stacks that include Gunner.

These are the Bulking stack and the Strength stack.

The Strength Stack is made up of Gunner, Alpha, Trooper and Drill Master and is focused on increasing strength and power to out of this world levels.

The Bulking Stack lets you bulk up to enormous levels with ease, and consists of Gunner, Enduro, Drill Master and Trooper.

Although Gunner is powerfully effective on its own, when combined with other approved natural steroid alternative supplements, the effects are multiplied to a new level.

gunner results

All of these supplements provide powerful benefits like Gunner, and all are made of only natural and safe ingredients which are safe to combine without the risk of side effects.

What Are The Ingredients For Gunner?

Gunner is made up of a unique blend of natural ingredients and extracts which work together to produce results that are similar to what you get with steroids.

gunner ingredients

Each serving of Gunner consists of:

  • Beta Sitosterol 600mg
  • Samento Inner Bark 300mg
  • Nettle Leaf Extract 300mg
  • Pepsin 75mg
  • Turmeric extract powder 180mg

Learn more:

Beta Sitosterol

Testosterone, Immune System600mg per serving
A sterol found in most plants, this ingredient is known for its benefit on cholesterol and the immune system. But importantly for muscle building, it is known to help regulate testosterone levels by stopping testosterone from converting into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is also important for good prostate health.


Samento Inner Bark

Recovery300mg per serving
This powerful plant extract has been studied for its ability to help with extremely painful medical conditions. Bodybuilder and fitness enthusiasts can benefit from this, as it works to help minimize after workout pain and soreness.


Nettle Leaf Extract

Testosterone300mg per serving
Rich in iron, nettle leaf is also thought to be a natural testosterone booster, and it increases testosterone in a safe way making it an ideal ingredient for safe long term use.

source: Wikipedia


Muscle Gain75mg per serving
This is a naturally produced enzyme in the body that helps to break down and digest protein so your body is making the most of the protein that’s being created – leading to faster muscle gain.


Turmeric extract powder

Muscle Recovery180mg per serving
Turmeric is very antioxidant rich which can help with a whole range of health aspects, with one of those being muscle recovery and reduced soreness after working out.


Gunner is designed to be used by anyone who is serious about developing exceptional muscle gains and massive strength.

Taken pre-workout, these ingredients work together to boost performance to explosive levels; allowing you to make faster, bigger gains and recover quicker.

How To Take Gunner?

The daily dosage for Gunner is 3 capsules to be taken with water, and best results are achieved when you take the capsules with a meal.

There are 90 capsules per bottle – enough for a one month supply.

Gunner should be used only with a balanced diet and a dedicated training program.

The biggest benefits from Gunner are seen when you take it before starting a workout.

Marine Muscle recommends taking Gunner 45 minutes prior to workout out.

Although the supplement works rapidly, to see best results Gunner should be used consistently for at least 60 days.

Does Gunner Have Any Side Effects?

Marine Muscle is very transparent about the ingredients in Gunner, and all their supplements.

Being totally natural, Gunner does not come with the side effect risk of steroids.

The company is clear that their goal is to create hardcore supplements that mimic real steroids, but without the health risks.

The ingredients are chosen based on considerable research and consideration, and only the highest quality ingredients have been included in Gunner.

Many of the natural extracts have been in use in traditional and medicine for centuries and have well known benefits.

No additives or filler ingredients are used and there are no stimulants like caffeine in the formula.

People under 18 years old, pregnant and nursing women, and those with certain health conditions should not use Gunner.

So Does Gunner Work?

Gunner provides a very unique formula packed full of ingredients that each have an ability to contribute to muscle gain and muscle recovery.

It’s designed to be taken before a workout so you can supercharge your training, and see fast results within just weeks of starting.

gunner before after

Each ingredient has been carefully chosen with the knowledge of exactly what benefits it can bring, and importantly, how they can all work together to enhance your results.

Gunner comes from a reputable, well trusted company with a reputation for creating effective natural steroid alternatives.

The combination of extracts like Samento Inner Bark which aids with muscle recovery, and Nettle Leaf Extract which acts as a natural testosterone booster means that Gunner covers a wide spectrum of uses and benefits.

This makes it potent and powerful to use on its own, and even more so when combined in a stack.

Any Gunner Reviews From Customers?

The reviews and ratings that are starting to come in from customers about Gunner are very encouraging and positive.

People note that they experience less muscular pain during and after workout sessions, which is right in line with what Gunner aims to do.

Have been using gunner for over four weeks now, as a part of their bulking stack, and am pleasantly surprised by how well this one works. The amount of stamina, power, muscles and strength I have gained during this time is simply what I wasn’t expecting. I mean I was hoping for some results, but going by the record of the other supplements I had tried in the past, my hopes were not very high. I knew only one thing that I wanted to absolutely stop using those anabolic steroids. I’m happy that this one is working very well and I won’t have to suffer from any of the nasty side effects.

Have been using Gunner for around 8 wks now and the results have been pretty good – more endurance, energy, mass and muscles. My gym schedule is like that I work at least 5 days in a week and mainly indulge in high-intensity workouts. Marine Muscle Gunner provides me the much-needed boost, helping me get through even the most hard-core gym sessions. I haven’t found any downside about this product so far. Not to forget that it doesn’t cause the harmful side effects that we all know are a problem with trenbolone. Highly recommend it to others.

When I started using Marine Muscle Gunner, my only focus was to move away from the steroids as I didn’t want any of the bad side effects or legal problems related to them. My concern was also to take my workout sessions to a new level. I had sort of hit a plateau after some time and desperately wanted to get over it. Marine Muscle Gunner helped me increase my strength levels significantly. Now I’m able to work out much harder and longer in the gymnasium and my body doesn’t get easily fatigued. On the whole, my muscle gains and recovery periods have also been very good.

I used to get easily tired in the gymnasium. My trainer suggested this supplement to me and now I can work out for longer time periods. The fact that my muscles are growing rapidly, my strength has increased and the body fat is melting away are all positive side-effects for me. I have been using it for two weeks now.

We look forward to seeing more results and opinions from real people who are reaping huge benefits from this supplement, to find out how it’s changing and improving both their training sessions and their longer term results.

Where Can I Buy Gunner?

Gunner is only available from the official Marine Muscle website.

This ensures you are getting the authentic product at the best price, backed up by the company’s customer support.

Gunner is reasonably priced at $69.99 for a one month supply (one bottle). This is a huge 22% saving on the regular price.

Marine Muscle offers free shipping in the USA on all orders.

In fact, the United States is the only country in the world that you can buy this supplement.

Once you’ve received and used Gunner for a period of time, you can leave your own personal rating and review of the supplement on the Marine Muscle website.

Currently Gunner has a perfect 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Our Verdict

Gunner ticks all the boxes for serious bodybuilders and athletes who just want a natural steroid alternative that covers all the important parts of body sculpting: muscle gain, fat burning, muscle recovery, anti-inflammation; and more.

What we like about Gunner:

  • Totally natural ingredients with no fillers or stimulants
  • No side effects or health risks
  • Same results as a steroid without the legal issues
  • Reputable and trusted company with a great track record
  • Free shipping on all orders

What we don’t like about Gunner:

  • Only for the most serious athletes: big benefits are only achieved when used with a quality workout and diet regime
  • Available only directly from Marine Muscle so no pricing competition

This is an impressive supplement that delivers fast results at an affordable price, and from a reputable company with a positive track record on delivering quality products.

We approve Marine Muscle Gunner.

Buy Gunner at the official website here.