Phentermine (Adipex-P) Review – Does It Work?

Phentermine is a weight loss product that can suppress your appetite so that you eat less and reduces those cravings for unhealthy snacks between meals.

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While there are many supplements out there that claim to do just that, if your weight gain has reached a point where it is a risk to your health, you may need something stronger. That’s where Phentermine comes in.

But what does Phentermine do and how is it for? We investigate Phentermine and its possible side effects to find out whether it is something you should consider for your weight loss.

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Notice: For people who are not at risk of serious obesity related health problems and who wish to attempt weight loss in a more natural manner without prescription medications, there are many safe and natural supplements on the market that offer alternatives to Phentermine. The most popular Phentermine alternatives are Phen375, PhenQ and Phen24.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine Hydrochloride (trade names Adipex-P, Ionamin, Suprenza, Duromine, Fastin) is a prescription medication which acts in a similar way to an amphetamine in that it affects the central nervous system and results in a suppression of appetite. It is used to treat obesity and is prescribed to people who have risk factors like diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Phentermine is a strong prescription medication that comes with some potentially serious side effects. Commonly listed side effects include restlessness, headaches, insomnia, dizziness, digestive or bowel discomfort, impotence and altered libido. While it can be very effective for overweight people, it is normally only prescribed to those considered to be at high risk of serious health complications.

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    Athletic Performance - 9.4/10

There are also an increasing number of prescription weight loss products available, with several showing some good results for people. Some of the most commonly used prescription medications are Belviq, Qsymia and Contrave. However, a recent study has actually shown that even powerful prescription weight loss medications often don’t work as well as people would expect them to.

The study found that on average, between 3% and 9% of body weight was lost using prescription pills, in comparison to a placebo. It is important to note that these results were only achieved when the pills were used with a suitable weight loss diet plan. They are not effective when used on their own and can not be considered as an obesity cure. There are also the potential side effects to keep in mind.

Phentermine is a prescription product which has been scientifically studied to determine its benefits for people wanting to lose weight. Online user reviews and ratings indicate that many people are seeing positive results when using Phentermine as a treatment for obesity. These include:

  • Suppress the appetite which leads to eating smaller meals and reduced cravings;
  • Has a positive effect on the metabolism;
  • Believed to be able to help burn up existing fat.

Phentermine is not meant to be used over the long term, but rather for periods of about three months and combined with exercise and a healthy diet. The drug should not be used for longer than three months at a time as it as shown to become less effective after this periods of time, and chances of side effects can also increase.

To prevent any weight from being put back on after stopping the product, the diet and exercise routine that has been taken up while taking the product needs to be continued over the long term.

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This prescription medication can be bought under a range of different brand names and is even available in drink form in several different dosages. It is up to your doctor to advise which format and dosage of Phentermine might be right for your personal needs.


Phentermine is a prescription weight loss product. Being a prescription drug, it is synthetically made from a chemical process that begins with benzaldehyde and 2-nitropropane. It is considered to be a psychostimulant drug that has a similar make up to amphetamine. The name Phentermine is derived from phenyl-tertiary-butylamine.

There are a number of brands and products available which make use of Phentermine including capsules, tablets and even drinks under more than two dozen trade names.

Phentermine is usually prescribed to people who are considered obese, or whose weight has reached a point where it is a risk to overall health. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a suitable diet and exercise program so that it essentially helps to provide a kickstart to losing weight in people who may have previously struggled to drop weight.

The main goal of the product is to reduce your appetite so that you are much less inclined to want to eat large meals. Additionally, a reduction in appetite results in a reduction in cravings for unhealthy snack food in between meals simply because Phentermine works by making the brain tell the body that you are not hungry.

By consuming less calories through the functioning of Phentermine and its appetite suppressing abilities, and burning up fat by exercising more often, weight can be lost faster than if you were simply dieting and exercising alone.

It is vital to know however that Phentermine only brings about its intended results when it is used alongside a proper exercise plan, as well as a calorie controlled diet that you might plan with either your doctor or a professional nutritionist.

Side Effects

Some side effects may occur when starting Phentermine which may disappear after some time. These can include lower libido, dry mouth, skin irritation, hives, and other minor effects. Rarer and more serious side effects may include chest pain, dizziness, headache, breathing troubles. Serious side effects should be reported to a doctor immediately.

Phentermine should not be used by anyone under 17 years of age. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also never take Phentermine. Additionally, people with a history of a number of health conditions like heart disease, overactive thyroid, glaucoma, or high blood pressure should not take Phentermine unless given express permission from a doctor.

Your doctor will advise a suitable dosage for your individual needs, however a standard dosage is to take 15mg to 37.5mg daily either before eating breakfast or within 2 hours after eating breakfast.

Does It Work?

Experts and scientists still aren’t exactly sure just how it works to bring about weight loss through suppressing the appetite but it is believed it relates to complex brain activity. In any case, Phentermine, like other pharmaceutical medications, has undergone rigorous testing and as a result, has been determined to be useful to people who are obese or at risk of severe health problems relating to being overweight.

Phentermine is not a product that you can simply buy off the shelf. It will be explained and prescribed to you by your doctor if he or she believes that you are severely overweight or are experiencing serious health problems due to your weight.

The product will be used with a diet and exercise program that is arranged by your doctor, or with a nutritionist or trainer. It can not remove excess weight alone, but only alongside suitable lifestyle changes that include an overall weight loss plan.

Phentermine has been shown to bring about positive results in people who use it correctly and who make the appropriate changes to their lifestyle. Individuals with obesity related health problems are advised to speak with their doctor about whether Phentermine will be suitable for you.

Reviews and comments from around the web from people who have been prescribed Phentermine range from the extremely satisfied, down to people who have seen no benefits or have suffered from side effects which caused them to stop the medication.

User Reviews

A number of users have shared that after a three month usage of Phentermine they have lost between 30-40 pounds which is quite a considerable and impressive amount of weight to drop within that period of time.

My weight has been rising for the past five years and I finally decided to do something about, so I went to a weight loss clinic and was told about Phentermine. It has helped me to drop several pounds so far so it’s definitely working. But I’ve had some unwanted effects too like being extra thirsty and some inflammation on my skin. I’ll have to see whether these issues go away before deciding whether to continue using Phentermine.

Phentermine has really helped me to stop a lot of the negative habits I had that led me to putting on so much weight, such as not eating such big meals and not wanting to snack so much, I also have a bit more energy than before. No major side effects that I have experienced with Phentermine besides feeling a bit more thirsty than normal but that’s not a bad thing since I wanted to increase my water intake. So far I’ve dropped about 25 pounds in five weeks so I’m making good progress and I can see that Phentermine is going to improve my health significantly.

My overall goal is to lose 50 pounds and I know it won’t happen overnight but I’m already seeing positive progress with Phentermine! I started using it seven weeks ago and 35 pounds has gone already. I need to step up my exercise program though if I want to see more results I have been told, this is not something that just gets rid of the weight on its own, you have to put effort in if you want to lose weight while taking Phentermine. The weight I’ve lost so far is giving me motivation to keep going and that’s something that I never had in the past with other methods that I’ve tried.

I have lost almost 35 pounds in less than 8 weeks while using Phentermine. I think my progress would have been faster if I was going to the gym more often so that is my next plan. My doctor said I can’t expect this to be a miracle weight loss cure and I have to put in some work as well, like reducing junk food in my diet and trying to do some fitness everyday, even if it’s just a walk. I’m aiming to lose another 10 pounds next month.

I was prescribed Phentermine by my doctor because I have been struggling to lose weight for many years and my extra weight was starting to pose as a health risk, as he said. That was scary to think about so I knew I had to do something and Phentermine is giving me the edge to get on top of my weight. It’s helped to reduce my appetite as well as give me more energy. I’m finding that I actually feel like exercising most days now which has to be a good thing. I expect that the weight is going to start dropping off and since it’s only been a couple of weeks I haven’t seen a huge difference yet but I know I’m on the right track now.

Where To Buy Phentermine?

Phentermine is available by a prescription from your doctor only. Your doctor will conduct tests and also determine whether your level of weight is a health risk. Additionally, if you are found to have existing medical conditions that are thought to be caused or worsened by being overweight or obese, Phentermine may be prescribed.

The cost of Phentermine will depend upon where you live and what types of insurance or rebates you may have available to you. You can buy the best Phentermine alternative online without a prescription here.

Our Verdict

Phentermine is a prescription medication and as such, does not come with a guarantee of results or a refund policy. As Phentermine needs to be used alongside a smart and healthy exercise and diet routine, results will vary greatly depending upon these lifestyle factors.

Speaking with your doctor about your results is the best course of action to take once you start using this weight loss product. Alternatively, you may wish to try some of the natural, non-prescription alternatives that are currently on the market.

Phentermine Pros

  • Suppresses the appetite so less food is eaten;
  • Encourages weight loss while you adapt to a new diet and exercise rich lifestyle;
  • Helps to break down stored fat.

Phentermine Cons

  • Requires a prescription;
  • Recommended to be used for periods of three months only due to potential side effects;
  • Considered a short term solution only.
We Approve Phentermine

Disclaimer: This review is based on extensive research from the information publicly available online at the time of posting and our personal opinion. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The results shown in the User Reviews’ section may not be typical and your results may vary. If you feel that any of the provided information is inaccurate, please contact us.