CitriTherm with Sinetrol Review – Does It Work?

Claiming to be a natural fat burner that contains a powerful and patented fat burning ingredient, CitriTherm promises to reduce your body size by burning abdominal fat while providing a complete weight management formula with no side effects.

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Is CitriTherm the real deal that lives up to the claims it makes? Or is it just another weight loss gimmick?

We have assessed the facts about CitriTherm, including its ingredients and possible side effects, to find out whether it is the weight loss supplement you have been looking for.

What is CitriTherm?

Available only from Evolution Slimming, CitriTherm is an all natural, scientifically tested slimming pill based on the fat burning properties of citrus fruits. Its patented formula of citrus extracts, including grapefruit, polyphenol-rich red orange and red orange, promotes reducing the excess body fat.

CitriTherm contains a unique patented ingredient only available in this product, called Sinetrol, which has been scientifically tested. It is a product that is focused on burning abdominal fat and reducing hip and waist size.

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Citritherm is a scientifically tested formula for fat burning that has shown in clinical studies to results in a 22% body fat loss in people who used the Sinetrol ingredient, compared to those on a placebo. A second clinical study also showed positive results.

The company states that CitriTherm is a totally natural weight loss supplement that does not cause any side effects. It has the scientific studies to back up its claims, and stands out from the crowd with its one of a kind patented fat burning formula.

CitriTherm claims to help you enhance weight loss and weight management by:

  • Inhibiting an important enzyme which is responsible for the formation of body fat
  • Reduce abdominal body fat
  • Decrease the measurements of your waist and hips
  • Unique natural formula of potent fruit extracts
  • Not reliant on caffeine with only a small amount present as guarana

It can often be a worry that using a dietary supplement over a long period of time might cause damage to your health. However, with CitriTherm containing only 100% natural ingredients, this does not have to be a concern to you. Additionally, vegetarians and vegans can rest easy in the knowledge the supplement is completely suitable for them.

60 Capsules per bottle / 1 month supply
594 customer reviews
Natural Fat Burner
  • Based on a powerful blend of Mediterranean citrus fruit extracts like red orange and grapefruit
  • Sinetrol, the patented and scientifically tested weight loss ingredient, is only found in this supplement
  • 100% natural ingredients; Does not cause jitters or side effects, even with long term use
You may notice that there are none of the usual crazy, outlandish claims being made on the CitriTherm about how much weight you will lose.

The company takes a more holistic and personal approach and also presents some data which indicates that a study revealed that users of the main ingredient Sinetrol showed an abdominal body fat decrease of almost 10% over a 12-week period including only 30 minutes per week of physical activity.

The official website greets you with the appealing promise that this is a totally unique, scientifically based fat burning product that is not like anything else on the market today. CitriTherm offers to increase their weight loss totally naturally. This is an appealing prospect for those who have struggled with their weight or failed with other products.

You quickly learn that the active ingredients in CitriTherm have been scientifically tested for their effectiveness at burning fat, and that the powerful citrus fruit extracts contained in the formula have shown to display excellent fat burning properties.

The manufacturer of CitriTherm is the well known and long established company Evolution Slimming. The company provides a range of contact options on their website which is reassuring, they offer a number of payment options, and guarantee that you only ever pay for what you order so you have no need to worry about sneaky re-billing that unethical companies can often surprise customers with.

You can feel confident that CitriTherm and Evolution Slimming have no scams or unscrupulous practices associated with them. Their website provides the ability for customers to post honest reviews and ratings, and the company has an almost perfect Trust Pilot rating.


CitriTherm is made up of a patented and totally unique blend called Sinetrol which consists of a combination of citrus extracts from the fruits grapefruit, orange and red orange.

There are also some additional ingredients chosen specifically for a particular benefit, like green tea extract. No filler or unnatural ingredients are used in CitriTherm and the capsules and ingredients are vegetarian and vegan friendly.

The daily dose of two capsules provides you with the following ingredients:

  • Sinetrol 900mg
  • Sweet orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Guarana
  • Green Tea Extract 50mg

Sinetrol – A citrus based weight loss ingredient that is patented and has unique, powerful abilities to enhance certain processes in the body which directly relate to weight loss.

Sweet orange – A powerful Mediterranean citrus fruit rich in antioxidants and known to help lower cholesterol, amongst countless other health benefits. Sweet orange is an important component in the unique Sinetrol formula.

Grapefruit – Long known for its fat burning properties, Grapefruit is one of the citrus extracts found in the Sinetrol formula.

Guarana – A natural energy booster, it contains more caffeine than can be found in coffee beans. The natural caffeine content of guarana in CitriTherm provides the energy to help burn body fat and enhance metabolism, as well as making you feel more like getting active.

Green Tea Extract – A very common ingredient in many other fat burning products which can often rely on green tea extract as a main ingredient. However, in CitriTherm, it is a complimentary addition to the other more active citrus extract ingredients. It is well established that green tea extract is effective in helping to burn fat.

The maker of CitriTherm has created a unique concept with the patented citrus extract blend called Sinetrol. This formula itself is highly potent when it comes to fat burning, however they have chosen to make CitriTherm even more effective by adding a suitable amount of some other well established fat burning ingredients; namely guarana and green tea extract.

This means that CitriTherm does not rely on stimulants to be effective, with only a small amount of natural caffeine being present which provides exceptional benefits without the negative jittery effects that caffeine-rich products often bring about.

Side Effects

Evolution Slimming states that there are no side effects or jittery effects associated with this supplement. Importantly, they also state that it is safe to use long term without the concern of side effects. This is possible due to CitriTherm being a completely natural formula, rather than based on potentially dangerous chemicals or pharmaceuticals.

Only take the recommended dosage of two capsules per day, at the appropriate times. Children under 18, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people with a medical condition should speak with their doctor before using the pill.

The dosage directions for the product are to simply take two capsules per day – one at breakfast and one at lunch. Each bottle contains 60 capsules; enough for a one-month supply.

Does It Work?

CitriTherm has been scientifically tested to determine its effectiveness as a weight loss product, and it is these results which lead to the creation of the patented Sinetrol formula.

A Sinetrol clinical study conducted over a 12-week period and with 95 overweight people separated into two groups (Sinetrol and placebo groups) and on a normal diet with a small amount of weekly exercise consisting of only 30 minutes per week, showed that there was an average of a 9.73% reduction in abdominal fat in the Sinetrol group – a result of 6.55% more abdominal fat loss compared with the placebo group.

Additionally, the clinical study showed that the hip and waist circumferences of participants reduced by more than 5% during the trial. In summary, the Sinetrol study group lost an average of 22% of their body fat compared to the placebo group, or 5.6kg on average per person.

CitriTherm Sinetrol Clinical Study

The combination of Mediterranean citrus extracts and natural caffeine sources of green tea extract and guarana combine to maximize fat burning ability over both the short and long term.

CitriTherm is like no other fat burning supplement available today, thanks to its unique and patented ingredient called Sinetrol.

With the very positive results of a detailed clinical trial being made clearly available on the official website, one can easily see that CitriTherm is able to do what it says – help you to burn body fat and more specifically, lose abdominal weight and reduce the overall size of your waist and hips in particular.

By not relying heavily on caffeine or other stimulants, this natural fat burner stands out in a market that is overflowing with stimulant-heavy products which can often cause drastic side effects. In contrast, CitriTherm is able to be used safely over a continuously long period of time because of the gentle natural ingredients found in it.

User Reviews

Numerous customers have left their feedback for CitriTherm online. A selection of these comments are below:

If there is a better weight loss product than CitriTherm, I certainly have not found it. For years I was in the cycle of lose weight/gain weight until a friend of mine recommended this product. After seven weeks I have dropped 21 pounds and three dress sizes. CitriTherm really works!

After two weeks and losing 7.3 pounds, I’m convinced that CitriTherm is a great weight loss product. I feel my energy levels rising and this has motivated me to stick to eating healthier foods and workout more as well. CitriTherm is a great product that I’m recommending to my friends and anyone who needs to lose weight.

CitriTherm proved to be well worth the cost as I have lost over 30 pounds on this product. I think what impressed me most was just how good I felt after the first few weeks of taking CitriTherm. Unlike other products that dehydrate, this one actually helped fortify my body and boost my energy levels to boot. CitriTherm is the one to get.

CitriTherm was the kickstart I really needed to get my weight moving from my abdominal area and my thighs. I think my metabolism has been increasing this past month that I’ve been using it, because my daily walking exercise never really got me anywhere before, but now I’m seeing steady weight drops on a weekly basis thanks to CitriTherm!!

I needed a long term weight loss solution, because I’ve lost weight in the past with supplements but they weren’t ones that I was comfortable using long term because of negative effects on my health. So I was really happy and interested when I saw that CitriTherm is safe to use long term. I am confident that this is finally the one that will get me looking slim and confident again!!!

I was excited to see the clinical results of CitriTherm which showed that people only did 30 minutes of exercise each week and were able to lose weight with the use of this supplement. I can only manage about that much exercise myself so it really felt like CitriTherm would fit my lifestyle and must admit I’m not disappointed yet because I’ve lost several kilograms already in the first month and look forward to seeing how much further I can go!

Even though I don’t usually consume caffeine I found that the small amount in CitriTherm gave me none of the usual jitters, which is what I was worried about. Instead, I feel so much more energetic and have lost several pounds in just a couple of weeks. I’m more motivated to exercise and eat better now that I’m seeing results, which is something I couldn’t achieve before i started using CitriTherm so I’m really happy with my progress so far.

I’ve had some terrible side effects in the past from weight loss supplements (and they never even worked either) so was really turned off trying anything for a long time. But I saw an ad for CitriTherm and thought this looks different, since there was a promise of all natural ingredients with no side effects AND it specifically targeted fat around the waist which is my biggest problem. I am pleasantly surprised to say that after about three weeks of using it I’m feeling lights and more energetic and my pants are looser so I’m definitely losing weight (I’m waiting one month before I weigh myself!). Excited about the future thanks to CitriTherm!

I’m giving five stars to CitriTherm because after almost a decade of trying to lose weight I’m finally seeing a shift in my weight, especially around my stomach which I thought I would never be able to get rid of! I love that CitriTherm is all natural because i have always been into holistic health so the citrus extracts are something that I was interested in, and I don’t mind a bit of caffeine, especially as I’ve now eliminated my twice daily coffee and sugar routine which has definitely helped me to feel better too.


The official website is the only place to buy CitriTherm with Sinetrol.

  • A one month 60 capsule supply costs $50
  • Two months supply of 120 capsules costs $75
  • Three months supply of 180 capsules costs $100

Worldwide delivery is available and there are a number of delivery and payment options on offer. The supplement is covered by the Trusted Shops Protection guarantee, including a 30-day money back promise and customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our Verdict

With next to no risk of side effects, unique patented and proven natural formula, and excellent pricing structure, CitriTherm ticks all the boxes of a weight loss supplement that is likely to give the results that you want to see. We approve CitriTherm.

CitriTherm Pros

  • Weight management supplement, made with Sinetrol
  • Reduces abdominal fat and reduces waist and hip size
  • Scientifically tested fat burner and metabolism booster
  • No jitters or side effects, Made in the UK
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • 30-day money back guarantee; Fast, discreet delivery

CitriTherm Cons

  • Contains a small amount of caffeine
  • Available only from the official manufacturer website
We Approve CitriTherm

Disclaimer: This review is based on extensive research from the information publicly available online at the time of posting and our personal opinion. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The results shown in the User Reviews’ section may not be typical and your results may vary. If you feel that any of the provided information is inaccurate, please contact us.