Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack Review (2017 Update)

Want to know more about the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack? You’re in the right place. The Bulking Stack from Crazy Bulk is all about bulking up and putting on muscle fast. In fact, within 30 days this supplement stack is meant to deliver noticeable changes in your strength and muscle growth at an extreme level. The benefits of the Bulking stack are numerous, and include the fact that the supplements inside the stack are designed to be safe and legal alternatives to steroids. Feeling stronger and fitter since starting this bulking stack, I'm now just at the end of my…
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Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack

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Best bulking stack available. Period! Visit Website

Want to know more about the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack?

You’re in the right place.

The Bulking Stack from Crazy Bulk is all about bulking up and putting on muscle fast.

In fact, within 30 days this supplement stack is meant to deliver noticeable changes in your strength and muscle growth at an extreme level.

The benefits of the Bulking stack are numerous, and include the fact that the supplements inside the stack are designed to be safe and legal alternatives to steroids.

Feeling stronger and fitter since starting this bulking stack, I’m now just at the end of my first cycle (4 weeks). Gained about 10 pounds already of muscle, no fat. Plan to do another 4 weeks so I follow their recommended 8 week cycle plan. Awesome results!

The core goal is to provide users with huge bulking and muscle mass growth within a short period of time, all with the use of only natural ingredients which do not pose a risk of side effects like steroids do.

Additionally, considerable improvements in recovery time after a workout is another core goal of this stack.

crazy bulk bulking stack results

Read on to find out the big benefits of the Bulking Stack, how it works, what’s inside it, and of course, how best to use it in order to get the absolute best possible results.

Note: This review was first published in 2015. We recently gave it a much needed update. We also added a bunch of new information and customer results. Enjoy!

How Does The Bulking Stack Work?

bulking stackThe Bulking Stack works in a number of ways to bring about massive mass and bulk gains.

Each of the supplements in the stack contribute an important role in the process.

At the top of the list is the way that more nitrogen is retained in the muscle tissues.

When nitrogen retention is increased, the body enters a heightened anabolic state and this is where real muscle is gained, as well as how strength is increased.

I couldn’t believe that a natural supplement would be able to deliver the same outcome as a steroid, but Crazy Bulk insisted this was possible when you use the growth stack with a quality diet and workout program. It really does work though (and no side effects!!), and while it’s definitely not some sort of overnight miracle (you have to work hard in the gym), after less than one month I’m seeing results which I consider to be very fast. Definitely feeling stronger and noticing that I’m bulking up well during this time.

Additional information:

Another vital part of this stack is the testosterone boosting ingredients.

As you know, more testosterone is always a good thing when you want to bulk up with muscle, and it’s the pure tribulus terrestris extract that contributes the most to this process when you take this stack.

testosterone levels

It is well known that to be able to raise testosterone levels and maintain them at a critical level in the body, big, sustainable gains are achievable.

Low testosterone results in more fat being retained and a higher difficulty in building quality muscle.

crazy bulk bulking stack review

Another core function of the Bulking Stack is the way it, mainly through the Trenorol supplement, increases the production of red blood cells.

This results in more oxygen being taken to the muscles.

This is a vital process for increased power and strength during workouts; something you can feel happening once the process begins to start working in your body.
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What Are the Benefits of the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack?

The key benefits that this stack has on your body that bring about massive bulk and muscle gains are:

  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Increased testosterone production
  • Higher levels of oxygen being transported to the muscles

The stack really does address the very basic, and most important elements of putting on muscle and bulk, as well as losing fat.

When all of these components work together, the results are nothing short of spectacular and highly impressive.

crazy bulk bulking stack before after

The fact that Crazy Bulk is such a respected and reputable maker of natural steroid alternative supplements means that you can rely on their high quality research and manufacturing to bring the best possible formulas into these supplements.

Doing much heavier weight lifting after using the bulking stack for a month now. Seems to be a great alternative to steroids, because I’m getting similar results to guys using real steroids but I’m getting none of the bad side effects like they get. Love these supplements – they really work like they say and I can see my results skyrocketing from here. Thanks Crazy Bulk!

With a reputable company behind it and the fact that they offer excellent customer service, great discounts, and a positive history of creating natural steroid alternatives that deliver real results, there really are no negatives to consider when it comes to this stack.

You will of course get as much out of it as you put into your workouts and your diet.

What’s Inside The Bulking Stack?

Inside the Bulking stack are four of the most powerful and respected bodybuilding supplement that Crazy Bulk has ever made.

They have each been chosen to feature in this stack based on the unique contribution that they make to the process of building huge mass.

bulking stack

Individually they pack a powerful punch, but when used together in a stack like this the effects are multiplied significantly.

Below you will find a short description of these supplements that are found in the stack and how they will benefit you.


Muscle Gains, Strength, Mass GainsServings per Bottle: 30

D-Bal works to help the muscle tissues keep up a higher level of nitrogen.

Nitrogen is a vital part of the protein production process, being a basic building block of protein.

When the levels of nitrogen being retained in the muscles is increased, the body enters a higher anabolic state.

In other words, the body is in a prime position to be building massive muscle and experiencing a noticeable higher level of strength and power which becomes obvious during workouts once the stack begins working.

D-Bal is an important component of this Bulking Stack, providing one of the most basic, yet fundamental functions inside the body that is required for bulking up and rapidly building muscle.

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Size, Strength, RecoveryServings per Bottle: 30

This is a supplement that has been designed for using before a workout.

It makes use of powerful natural extracts that have a long history of being used in natural health: Wild Yam root, and Panax Ginseng root are the main ingredients, along with some vital amino acids which the body requires for building muscle.

The goal of DecaDuro is to provide extra strength that is then used during your workouts, with the result being more intensive workouts that lead to bigger, faster muscle and bulk gains.

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Size, Strength, StaminaServings per Bottle: 30

Testo Max is completely focused on natural testosterone production and pumping up your testosterone levels in a safe and natural way.

This is of course a core goal of anyone want to bulk up because testosterone is such a central part of the whole muscle building process; as well as contributing greatly to your ability not to store excess fat.

Using the well known and long used extract tribulus terrestris as a core ingredient, Testo Max packs a punch in this stack by greatly contributing to increased muscle mass, energy and strength gains.

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Mass Gains, Strength, ConditioningServings per Bottle: 30

Trenorol gets more oxygen into the muscles by boosting up the natural production of important red blood cells.

The result of increased oxygen flow to muscles is more strength and noticeable more power during workouts, allowing you to push yourself harder and achieve faster, bigger gains.

When used on its own, Trenorol delivers sensational results, but once combined with Testo Max, DecaDuro and D-Bal in this stack, the effects are compounded and can be noticed within less than one month.

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Bulking Stack Cycles And Usage Guide

Crazy Bulk provides a helpful cycles and usage guide that is worth paying considerable attention to.

This has been formulated based on research and shares the best methods of getting the absolute maximum out of this supplement stack.

For the Bulking Stack, the company recommends either a four week or eight week stack cycle, depending upon your preferences and goals.

4 Week Cycle

The four week stack cycle makes use of one bottle of each of the four supplements in this stack, and they are each to be used together during the entire four week cycle.

bulking stack 4 week cycle

8 Week Cycle

The eight week cycle consists of the same recommendation, for double the time period. If you are planning to use an 8 week cycle then purchasing 2 month’s worth of the Bulking Stack is not only more convenient, but you receive an entire extra month at no extra cost.

bulking stack 8 week cycle

The basic recommendations for using the Bulking Stack in either 4 or 8 week cycles are:

  • Always use only one stack at a time (for example, don’t mix the Bulking Stack with the Strength Stack or any other stack)
  • The shortest recommended cycle period is four weeks. This provides enough time initially to start seeing results, which can be expected within the first 30 days of first starting the stack
  • However, for best results, Crazy Bulk recommends that you use the Bulking Stacks on an 8 week cycle. This gives the stack more time to kick in and start showing real progress

If you are not familiar with cycles, it is a good idea to learn about what they are and why they are beneficial.

bulking stack cycle

Traditionally cycles have been used by people who make use of steroids, whereby there is an on cycle (when the steroid or stack is being used), and an off cycle (in between on cycles where no use of the steroid takes place).

A stack like the Bulking Stack is a combination of supplements (steroid replacements) which are used together for compounding effects during a cycle period of either 4 or 8 weeks.

You then take a 4 or 8 week period off the stack, and re-commence using it again after that time has passed.

This stack gives your body a chance to make fast gains, and then to have a rest period, and it is this process which is repeated during your on and off cycles.

Any Bulking Stack Reviews From Customers?

Numerous customers have left their feedback for the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack online.

A selection of these comments are below:

I’m going to use this stack along with the cutting stack from Crazybulk so I can get as lean as possible while packing on mass and muscle, which is what the bulking stack does. I’m doing an 8 week cycle of this bulking stack first and it’s going well, with my bench weight increasing every week and I’ve put on almost 15 pounds within the first 6 weeks. I’m getting better results that I even expected so this is an awesome stack that really works.

No side effects with this stack, unlike some other products I’ve tried a while back. I wanted to put on another 20 pounds at least and am on my way there with these supplements. You have to push hard at the gym and make sure you’re getting more than enough calories and protein in your food and shakes etc. I’m steadily putting on weight and can see this stack being a regular part of my program now which I’ll be using on the cycles that is recommend by the company. I’m happy to recommend this Bulking Stack to anyone wanting serious results!

For so long I was the skinniest guy in gym and no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t bulk up. Individual supplements gave me some progress but I could never keep the weight on. So I finally decided to give this Bulking Stack a try and what a difference it has made! I’m seeing really good results with definite weight gain, but it’s not fat – all muscle and yes you have to eat well to make this work but with my high protein diet combined with this stack, I’m no longer the small guy and progress is being made every week. This is a great stack!

Great value with this stack, since I plan to do 8 week cycles, I just bought two packs and received my third one for free. Results came on fast with noticeable weight being gained (muscle) in my first cycle. Fat is coming off and being replaced by muscle. These are quality supplements and affordable too!

Happy with the bulking stack so far. My order arrived quickly and I like how I got a month free supply to save money. I am excited to see where these supplements will take me since they are said to be legal and natural steroids. So far after two weeks I can feel changes happening, definitely putting on some weight and feel more powerful during my workouts. So it starts working very fast like they said and I’m confident I’m going to see some awesome results with this product.

After good gains for the past few months I hit a plateau that I was struggling to get past. I thought this was it for me, I thought I had hit my limits and would have to give up hope of getting bigger. Some friends had started using this bulking stack and said I should try it. Always hesitant about supplements, I gave it a go because I could see it was all natural so there shouldn’t be side effects. Well I’ve had no side effects at all and was seeing results within the first few weeks. I’m lifting heavier than ever and my arms are bigger than they were a month ago. I can recommend this stack.

Putting on weight is always hard for me because I’m naturally small and have trouble packing on mass. I heard about a bulking stack that used four top rated supplements in it and figured I could try it for two months and see what happens. Results have been better than expected, I’ve put on almost 20 pounds within the last two months and it’s all muscle! I’m looking bulkier than ever and people can’t believe how much I’ve built up these past couple of months. Looking forward to my next cycle for more results!

Where Can I Buy the Bulking Stack?

The official website is where you can purchase the Bulking stack for the lowest price and with access to customer support from the company behind this product.

Discounts are available on multiple purchases, with a completely free stack added to your order when you place an order of 2 month’s supply.

Total savings add up to 20% when you buy this Bulking Stack, compared with purchasing each of the supplements on their own.

Free shipping and online order tracking is available, and the company provides a free online chat service if you have questions about the stack or your order.

Our Verdict

The Bulking stack by Crazy Bulk has countless positive benefits.

Crazy Bulk is a leader in the natural supplement market for good reason: their products work, and work very well, and do so without the problem of side effects.

These legal steroid alternatives provide the ability to experience awesome gains and results that simply would have been impossible in the past without the use of real steroids.

When used in accordance with the cycle and usage guide that the company recommends, either a 4 or 8 week cycle, gains can be expected within only the first month.

This means that during your first cycle of the stack, you will see considerable results.

For ongoing gains, make this stack part of your regular cycling program.

What we like about the Bulking Stack:

  • Steroid-like results without actually using them
  • Massive bulking results
  • Huge muscle mass gains
  • A noticeable increase in strength
  • Start seeing results within only 30 days or even less
  • Big money savings compared with buying the supplements individually

What we don’t like about the Bulking Stack:

  • Not suitable for vegetarians due to gelatin capsules
  • Only suited for people wanting extreme results

The Bulking Stack is a perfect choice for those who are serious about massive muscle and strength gains.

We approve the Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack.
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