10 Best Testosterone Boosters of 2019 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

testosterone boosters results Testosterone is the #1 hormone that will make or break your ability to gain muscle, increase strength and burn off fat.

So it goes without saying that if you want to achieve maximum results from your training, you need to focus on supporting your T-levels as seriously as you possibly can.

Using a high-quality testosterone booster is the quickest and most powerful way of doing just that.

Here is our list of the top 3 proven to work testosterone boosters:

Introduction to Testosterone Boosters

A good test booster is designed to:

  • Safely increase, optimize and maintain your testosterone levels
  • Boost your ability to increase muscle, strength, endurance and overall athletic performance
  • Enhance the libido and improve self-confidence and motivation

Testosterone production decreases gradually as men age, but even among younger men, there can be a significant difference in natural testosterone amongst individual people.

testosterone levels men age

Some guys are naturally fortunate to have consistently good T-levels, while many will require a boost if wanting to experience the real benefits of healthy testosterone levels when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness.

Benefits of Using Testosterone Boosters

The quality ones can utilize safe ingredients which promote the production and maintenance of testosterone, which then helps you to reap the benefits by getting maximum results from your training.

1. Encouraging the Production of Testosterone

The endocrine system plays a vital role in the production of testosterone and a whole range of complex chemicals, compounds and processes in the body lead to this happening.

Many of these compounds are obtained in the diet, but too many people do not receive enough in a natural diet.

Additionally, those seeking out the more extreme benefits of testosterone, such as gaining muscle, usually need to boost their T levels to higher than average; and importantly, maintain the hormone at an optimal level.

The first and most important role of a testosterone booster supplement, therefore, is to enhance the production and levels of this most vital male hormone.

2. Reducing Estrogen

Estrogen is the female hormone, and in men, some testosterone can be converted to estrogen. Too much estrogen (and not enough testosterone) can result in weight gain, loss of libido and the dreaded “man boobs.”

Some of the best testosterone boosters will include ingredients which act to reduce or stop the amount of testosterone that is getting converted to estrogen.

3. Boosting Free Testosterone Levels

Free testosterone is measured differently to total testosterone. Like other hormones, testosterone can bind to other substances in the body, making it less available and less easily used by the body for what we want it for.

Boosting free testosterone, rather than just total testosterone, is a key factor in what separates the great testosterone boosters from the mediocre ones.

But only some testosterone boosters do all of this. Others are not so effective, or can even cause reverse side effects. While some people believe steroids and hormones are the only possible way to raise your T levels, this is no longer the case.

Natural testosterone boosters provide an alternative option that comes without the risks of steroids. Increased advanced research in recent times has led to natural products being developed that are more powerful than those of the past – and more and more serious bodybuilders are turning towards natural testosterone boosters and seeing very positive results.

Side Effects

As natural alternatives to synthetic testosterone, these supplements do not come with the drastic side effects and risks of steroids – most natural testosterone boosters come with no side effect risk whatsoever, despite being able to deliver steroid-like results.

Effective Testosterone Booster Ingredients

The catch is that not all testosterone boosters are created equally. There are some excellent ones out there, but there are also some who are nothing short of disappointing – or worse: misleading and ineffective.

Not every manufacturer keeps up with the most cutting-edge research and knowledge of ingredients, and as a result, some are using ingredients which were long ago deemed ineffective.

So it pays to know what you’re looking at when it comes to the ingredients used in testosterone boosters.

We’ve produced the ultimate list of the most potent and effective natural ingredients currently available in testosterone boosters, as well as explaining why they are considered to be the most influential and beneficial ingredients for people serious about boosting testosterone:

1. D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid has shown in studies to play a vital role in testosterone and luteinizing hormone, including both the release and the synthesis of these hormones.

This amino acid is naturally present in the body but is included in testosterone boosters with the goal of obtaining a higher dosage and thus, increased benefit from the additional hormone production.

2. Stinging Nettle

A plant that is packed with dozens of active compounds, nettle has been used for a range of health treatments including relating to the prostate.

When it comes to testosterone, nettle has shown to help decrease the amount of testosterone that is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is known to cause baldness and prostate enlargement.

3. Vitamin D3

We all know we need Vitamin D from exposure to direct sunlight, but with increased indoor living and working, most people these days don’t get enough D3 for optimal health, let alone for its little-known role in contributing to the release of luteinizing hormone. This then helps to testosterone and growth hormone release.

Many studies have been undertaken to determine the effect of D3 on testosterone, with one research showing that older men with low vitamin D levels also showed lower levels of free testosterone, indicating this vitamin plays a key role in the release and maintenance of free testosterone in men.

4. Ginseng

One of the oldest natural health herbal extracts, ginseng is used for a range of reasons but of interest to us is its relatively new addition to the world of testosterone supplements.

It’s believed ginseng reduces the risk of insulin inhibiting testosterone production thanks to the way this extract lowers glucose levels, while directly enhancing luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels.

Ginseng additionally contributes to the increase of nitric oxide levels which results in more blood flowing to the muscles; and as a result, more hardcore pumps and muscle endurance.

A study on male rats that those receiving a controlled dose of ginseng had a significant increase in blood testosterone level.

5. Oyster Extract

Oyster extract is well known for its natural richness in the vital mineral zinc. And zinc is a potent ingredient in any testosterone booster thanks to its ability to help increase the body’s levels of free testosterone.

The oyster extract also contains many other essential trace minerals and vitamins. But it’s zinc that makes oyster extract so powerful and sought after in testosterone boosters, with numerous studies showing how useful it is in boosting testosterone in high-performance athletes.

6. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a plant that has been used for eons in traditional health, and more recently it’s become a favorite of testosterone booster manufacturers thanks to the irrefutable evidence that has come to light in scientific studies. One research found that 500mg of Fenugreek extract provided a “significant impact” on the body strength and body composition in resistance-trained men, and these results were achieved without side effects and included improvements in free testosterone levels.

This makes a very compelling argument for Fenugreek is one of the most effective muscle building ingredients, and more studies are being undertaken to find out just how much effect it does indeed have on anabolic hormones.

7. Zinc

This trace element is essential for all humans, but it’s something we don’t create naturally in the body so we must get it from food.

Zinc plays a role in the process of protein synthesis, but it’s also vital for testosterone and has shown to be able to increase testosterone levels when taken at the correct dosage naturally.

As a result of increased testosterone with zinc supplementation, the body is more easily able to put on lean muscle, burn fat, and enhance athletic performance.

Ingredients Warning

The best supplement manufacturers will always fully disclose every ingredient in their testosterone booster. It is recommended to entirely avoid any products where the ingredients are not announced; including the quantity of each ingredient.


Many natural ingredients are effective only at a precise dosage, and the best supplement companies will have researched the optimal dose for the safest and most effective outcome.

It’s also prudent to know what you’re taking in each supplement you may be using, so you aren’t overdosing on the same ingredients across multiple supplements.

Top 10 Testosterone Boosters in 2019: Reviews and Comparisons

We’ve dedicated considerable time to researching, comparing and checking the facts about the cream of the crop testosterone boosters currently on the market.

Here is our list of the best testosterone booster supplements that are proven to deliver results.

1. Testogen (Our Top Pick)

testogen Testogen claims to be able to boost testosterone easily and safely and to lead you to see increased strength and stamina, increased muscle growth, enhanced libido, more endurance, plus more energy and mental focus.

Testogen is aimed at any man who is suffering from the effects of low testosterone – or wants to boost their current level. Guys who are feeling tired and unmotivated, as well as who struggle to lose fat and gain muscle, are often suffering from low T levels. Testogen aims to combat that naturally.

The best things about Testogen include:

  • It boosts both strength and stamina
  • It helps reverse the problem of testosterone decline in aging men
  • Enhances muscle growth and tone, as well as making you more energized and motivated to exercise
  • You can choose how many capsules you take daily, up to a maximum of 4, depending on your personal goals

Testogen makes use of some of our favorite testosterone boosting ingredients including fenugreek, nettle, d-aspartic acid, zinc and magnesium – making it a safe and 100% natural formula that comes without side effects.

A drawback about the product is that it will still take up to 6 weeks to start noticing gains in muscle and strength, and you must keep up a suitable workout program the entire time – Testogen is not a miracle pill.

Testogen leaves it up to you to determine how much you will take, up to a maximum of 4 pills per day, although most people will want to take the full dose for maximum effect. Testogen makes use of quality ingredients and comes with a money back guarantee valid for 60 days, meaning there is no financial risk in giving this supplement a go.

$59.99 / Buy It Here

2. Testo Max (Sustanon)

Testo-Max Testo Max is designed for the more extreme athletes in mind, with a heavy focus on building massive muscle and strength by boosting testosterone to maximum levels.

Testo Max has a narrow focus of seriously boosting testosterone by making use particularly of one of the most powerful natural ingredients known. This supplement has been developed to act as a natural alternative to the steroid Sustanon.

The main benefits of Testo Max include:

  • It’s made by a highly respected company: Crazy Bulks
  • Boosts muscle gains, strength, stamina and sex drive
  • Speeds up post-workout recovery times
  • Delivers results in two weeks

Testo Max is one of the higher priced testosterone supplements, although you can save money by purchasing multiple bottles. It is a hardcore supplement for the most dedicated users so you must be prepared to keep up an intensive workout program to get the most out of it.

Testo Max is a serious steroid alternative made for the most hardcore of users that delivers results faster than some competing products: but the catch is that you need to be determined and committed to a serious workout and diet program to make the most of Testo Max.

$59.99 / Buy It Here

3. Trooper (Marine Muscle)

Trooper Trooper is a serious steroid alternative capable of delivering the most extreme results when it comes to explosive muscle gains.

Trooper targets all aspects of your performance in the same way a powerful steroid does, but you get the substantial results without the legal issues and nasty side effects.

The core purpose of Trooper is to boost your testosterone levels, and this brings about numerous massive benefits including:

  • Spectacular muscle gains
  • Enormous power increases
  • Rapid recovery times
  • Huge strength gains
  • Improved sexual drive

To boost testosterone levels naturally, Trooper makes use of the potent Tribulus Terrestris extract, plus an additional ingredient that goes one step further in enhancing your T-levels to the max: DHEA.

Despite the fact that Trooper is a completely natural alternative to steroids, it still delivers similar results extremely fast.

In just two weeks you’ll start seeing noticeable benefits as a result of the testosterone boosting ability of Trooper.

$64.99 / Buy It Here

4. TestoTek

Testotek TestoTek is described as a supplement that will “change your life” by encouraging the body to produce testosterone in a similar way to how you did when you were in your 20s.

TestoTek is aimed at men who are either seeing a drop in testosterone as they hit their thirties and beyond or those males who want to ensure they’re producing maximum testosterone and maintaining it at optimal levels.

The most significant benefits of TestoTek are:

  • Increasing lean muscle mass: testosterone is the key to muscle growth and to getting the most from your workouts
  • Enhancing the metabolism: this brings about faster and more efficient fat burning to reduce belly fat
  • Boost energy levels: more testosterone means more energy, whether it’s at the gym, at work or in bed
  • Improved mental clarity: think clearer and have more focus on the task at hand

TestoTek makes use of some of the best testosterone boosting ingredients including D-Aspartic Acid, stinging nettle, fenugreek, ginseng and oyster extract – all combined into one potent formula.

TestoTek comes with the confidence of a money back guarantee, so there’s little risk involved although the guarantee is valid for a shorter time than some other products. The range of ingredients used is excellent, making TestoTek a reliable option if you are happy to forego a more extended guarantee.

5. TestoFuel

TestoFuel TestoFuel is one of the most popular testosterone boosters around today, so we wanted to check out why that is and whether it stacks up to the hype.

TestoFuel has been created from the ground up, based on careful research, to focus on one primary goal: increasing testosterone naturally so that users can experience the results they’ve struggled to achieve, including:

  • Faster muscle growth – By providing the right nutrients, TestoFuel removes the barriers that limit testosterone levels and muscle gains
  • Burn body fat – Better testosterone production results in more efficient fat burning, especially in problem areas like the abdomen
  • Enhance mood – The testosterone hormone also affects mood and confidence, putting you in a more positive state of mind for working out

So how does TestoFuel do this? By making use of some of the top ingredients that we’ve covered in this guide. These include Vitamin D, Fenugreek, Ginseng, D-Aspartic Acid and Oyster Extract.

All ingredients in TestoFuel are fully revealed, with nothing hidden and no added filler ingredients.

There’s plenty of positive comments and experiences being shared by users of TestoFuel, who are overall very happy with the performance and results that the supplement is delivering when it’s used with an intense training program.

TestoFuel is not the cheapest testosterone booster around, but buying in bulk of 3 boxes gives you a free additional box so you can stock up and save money overall.

The only place to get TestoFuel is from the official website, but they do offer free delivery worldwide.

The inclusion of just about all our favored proven testosterone boosting ingredients in TestoFuel makes this supplement stand out as a top choice for those wanting serious natural and safe increases in testosterone and all the associated benefits.

6. PrimeMale

PrimeMale Another popular testosterone booster is PrimeMale, which is targeted more towards older men who might be experiencing a reduction in natural testosterone production.

Men naturally experience a gradual drop in testosterone level as they age and that’s what PrimeMale is made to address: it’s developed to get T levels back up to where they provide the most benefits and to help reduce the problems associated with reduced testosterone.

The main benefits of PrimeMale are:

  • Reducing unwanted fat: reduce body fat through more efficient fat burning
  • Increasing lean muscle: removing the barriers that prevent you from gaining more muscle mass
  • Boosting energy levels: allowing you to train longer, harder and more often
  • Enhancing libido and mood: this results in better cognitive function and a heightened sexual drive
  • Reducing estrogen levels: high estrogen levels brings about unwanted physical features and can lower your testosterone

Some of our top ingredients are used in PrimeMale, including D-Aspartic Acid, ginseng, Vitamin D, zinc and stinging nettle extract.

All of the ingredients are clearly disclosed by the company and they claim that, when used correctly, PrimeMale can boost your testosterone levels by 42% within 12 days.

Although the product comes with a 90-day money back guarantee, there’s no guarantee that every person will see a 42% increase in testosterone within the first 12 days – some may take longer so it’s important to have realistic expectations. Thankfully, you have a full 90 days to evaluate your results without financial risk.

PrimeMale has shown to be one of the few T boosters out there which has been made with older guys in mind, and those who are seeing the problems that come about as a result of reduced testosterone, like less energy and low libido. PrimeMale makes use of many powerful ingredients to reverse these issues by safely boosting testosterone and maintaining it.

More Testosterone Booster:

Final Thoughts

All of the products make use of a multitude of our favored testosterone boosting ingredients, giving all the potential to provide excellent results when used as directed.

It’s hard to go wrong with any of these products, but Testogen, Testo-Max and Trooper are our picks of the bunch due to the research that has gone into their formulas and the proven results they are delivering to users with high expectations.