We took all the hard-work upon us and thoroughly analyzed some of the leading HGH releasers available out there.

Not only did we study their efficiencies, but also went over their marketing strategies, reliability of the manufacturers, general support, ingredients used, their synergic effect, clinical backing, R&D behind them, their dosages and the personal experiences of various users.

The result of all our efforts is in the form of the top 3 HGH releasers in the market today. We’ve carefully studied the positives and drawbacks of each one of these products, and have detailed them below:

#1 HGH-X2 Somatropin

Bodybuilding Supplement
Fat Loss Fat Loss
Lean Muscle Lean Muscle
Muscle Growth Muscle Growth

This one from Crazy Bulk came up many times during our research. Many independent reviews vouched for its positive effects and we were forced to look into it in good detail. We’re glad we did, as we got our top-ranked HGH releaser in it!

Why? Because HGH-X2 from Crazy Bulk has been around for many years and has stood the test of time! It’s produced by a well-trusted company in the bodybuilding space. Furthermore, it has a healthy mix of L-Arginine and other ingredients, in just the right quantities, so as to significantly improve the HGH levels in the user’s body.

The Positives:

This one delivers results within a time span of 30 days. It naturally increases the protein levels, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and energy levels of the user. Apart from that you experience:

  • Significant gains
  • Easy stacking
  • A powerful blend of amino acids
  • Complete safety

HGH-X2 is one of the safest legal alternatives to Somatropin; completely free of harmful side effects. Its regular usage can help you achieve major lean muscle mass gains, faster recovery periods and quicker fat burning.

It can also be effectively stacked with Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol (Trenbolone alternative), Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol alternative) and Winsol (Winstrol alternative) during your cutting cycles.

HGH-X2 is made up with a powerful blend of effective amino acids that can step up the natural production of HGH in the human body. These ingredients are 2-amino-5-(diaminomethylidene amino) pentanoic acid (or L Arginine), hawthorn berry, mucuna pruriens and maca.

What more, you can effectively maintain your gains even after stopping the product’s consumption, as long as you continue training regularly and consume a healthy diet.


At around $60 per bottle, it can be expensive for some users. It delivers best results only when accompanied with regular exercise and healthy diet; and its effects may not be as pronounced as the HGH injections. Furthermore, its usage may cause allergies to people who’re sensitive to its ingredients.

Returns and refunds are available only on unopened orders that are returned within 14 days of the order date and you can buy it only from the Crazy Bulk’s official website.

Our verdict

HGH-X2 has emerged as an impressive HGH releaser that’s targeted at serious athletes and bodybuilders who’re looking for solid results. Not only has it emerged as our top choice, it’s also extremely popular in the bodybuilding and fitness marketplace. You get some of the best HGH boosting ingredients (in good quantities) when you buy this product.

All in all, a must for anyone looking for a good HGH supplement. Don’t hold back because of cost or the chances of allergy. Maximum users don’t face any allergic reactions and the product is worth every penny it costs. You could avail the 2+1 offer and minimize its overall cost.

#2 Marine Muscle Klicks

KlicksKlicks from Marine Muscle is another very good HGH releaser that’s gaining rapid popularity among the bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

It’s an authentic HGH alternative which is created using a unique blend of ingredients that have been proven to stimulate the structural development of the user’s body.

It works specifically on increasing the internal bone strength of the user, thereby improving the flexibility of joints and contributing to the height increase. Let’s go over its goods and bads as follows:

The Positives:

A very unique growth factor formula that doesn’t hide behind a proprietary blend and starts delivering results in record 2 weeks’ time. All ingredients are displayed clearly on the product label. As it’s available in pill form, you’re not required to inject anything into your body.

  • Targeted at bones and joints
  • 100% Made in USA HGH Releaser
  • Easily stackable

Marine Muscle Klicks functions as a potent formulation for strengthening of the bones and joints. It delivers results by tapping into the open growth plates of the user, impacting from within.

All ingredients that go into its making are sourced from top suppliers based in the United States. It’s produced in FDA approved and cGMP- certified facilities in the US.

Marine Muscle Klicks can be stacked with other Marine Muscle products and incorporated effectively into the bulking and strength cycles.


Klicks is meant specifically for height gain, through stimulation of bone growth and increase in the bone density. As it’s available only in the USA, you can’t buy it if you’re situated anywhere else in the world.

Marine Muscle Klicks can be purchased only from the Marine Muscle website. At $89.99 (after discount), it seems to be a pretty costly HGH Releaser. Refunds are available only on unopened items that are returned within 7 days of order date.

Our verdict

Marine Muscle Klicks is a fairly safe and effective HGH releaser that seems to have everything going right for it, except for the price. If one were to see its results and overlook the price factor, it has all the required qualities for emerging as a long-term winner.

You must definitely give it a try if you’re after a better height, increased bone density and an overall steel-like body structure. The fact that it’s made up of all natural ingredients and doesn’t cause any negative side effects is a major plus.

#3 Marine Muscle General

GeneralAnother 100% Made in America product, Marine Muscle General is the other HGH releaser offered by the same brand. It functions as an effective alternative to the HGH steroids/injections, and is guaranteed to cause no harmful side effects while it delivers its results.

Marine Muscle General is an all-round HGH releaser that’s not focused on height gain alone. Some of its major advantages and drawbacks are detailed below.

The Positives:

This HGH releaser helps in the development of lean muscle mass and shedding of unwanted body fat. Is specifically helpful in boosting biceps, pecs, obliques and abs.

  • Loaded with a 20mg L-Arginine per capsule
  • Develops lean muscle mass and sheds body fat
  • 100% Made in USA HGH Releaser

Marine Muscle General is an effective and safe HGH releaser that’s loaded with amino acid releasers and six of the most powerful growth factors; formulated in a manner to maximize the protein synthesis process in the body. There’s 20 mg of L-Arginine amino acid in every capsule, which is twice as much compared to Crazy Bulk HGH-X2.

You get a high-quality HGH Releaser from a brand that clearly lists all the ingredients on the product label; no hiding behind the ‘so-called’ proprietary blends. Regular consumption of Marine Muscle General will help you unlock physical reserves that you may have been completely unaware of so far.


Marine Muscle General is available only in the United States and cannot be ordered from or delivered to international locations.

At $64.99 per bottle, it can seem expensive to some users. Returns are accepted and refunds processed only if the orders are returned unopened within 7 days of the order date.

Our verdict

L-Arginine and other ingredients contained in this product are thoroughly tried and tested to deliver growth results in the safest manner possible. As long as you maintain a good amount of focus and dedication towards your exercise and nutrition needs, you’re guaranteed positive results with this supplement.

Marine Muscle General is one of the best HGH releasers available in the market today that can help you shed unwanted body fat, gain lean muscle mass and start performing at peak levels in quick time.

Top 3 Best HGH Releasers

It’s no news that there’s a great multitude of HGH releasers available in the offline/online marketplace nowadays. Their ingredients, potencies, cost and other factors can confuse even the most-seasoned user of the bodybuilding/health supplements.

Best HGH Releasers
  • 9.2/10
    Fat Loss - 9.2/10
  • 9.5/10
    Workout Recovery - 9.5/10
  • 8.2/10
    Muscle Growth - 8.2/10
  • 8.4/10
    Strength Gains - 8.4/10
  • 9.6/10
    Athletic Performance - 9.6/10

Human Growth Hormone (HGH), Growth Hormone or Somatotropin is a hormone that’s produced and released by the pituitary gland, a tiny gland situated inside the human brain. Its production happens at a much higher rate during the adolescent years of one’s life and decreases gradually as you age.

Till date, majority of growth hormone deficiencies used to be treated with synthetic HGH injections which are very expensive, have limitations with regard to their effectiveness and may cause harmful side effects.

This is where HGH releasers come into the picture as they function as legal, safe and natural alternatives to these injections. Good HGH releasers are proven to stimulate the natural production of HGH in the body and are mostly available in the form of pills.

These HGH releasers are a rage in the bodybuilding marketplace today, because if consumed with regular exercise and good diet, they can promote development of lean muscle mass and provide adequate support to the pituitary gland.


We’d like to highlight that a good amount of research as well as first-hand testing has gone into the creation of this list. We restricted ourselves to only 3 HGH releasers because we didn’t want to confuse you with a huge array of unwanted and ineffective options.

Although you can try any of the 3 HGH releasers detailed above to obtain good and quick results in the safest manner possible, if you were to pick just one of these releasers, we’ll suggest going with HGH-X2 first.

Having said that, please note, you must complement their usage with regular exercise and healthy diet; and continue using them for at least 2 to 3 months to see best results.

Disclaimer: This review is based on extensive research from the information publicly available online at the time of posting and our personal opinion. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The results shown in the User Reviews’ section may not be typical and your results may vary. If you feel that any of the provided information is inaccurate, please contact us.