Alpha Review

alpha reviewMarine Muscle Alpha is claimed to be able to give you a “marine physique” – but does it work?

Can Alpha stand above the crowd of supplements out there, or is this just another mediocre product that won’t deliver on its promises?

In this review, I explain what Marine Muscle Alpha gets right, what it gets wrong and whether it’s ultimately a waste of your time and money or a gold medal winner.

I like:

  • Burns body fat without losing muscle
  • Boosts energy and strength for more powerful workouts
  • Mimics the functions of a steroid, but natural and legal
  • Rapid results are seen within weeks
  • Can be used in Cutting and Strength cycles

I don’t like:

  • Not available outside the USA
  • Short money-back guarantee

Marine Muscle Alpha Review

alpha bottle

Marine Muscle Alpha is a safe and legal alternative to the famous and very popular steroid Anavar. It has a focus on cutting fat, retaining and building lean muscle and enhancing both strength and energy so you can push yourself to the limit.

Alpha is said to be designed for hardcore athletes who want a “military physique.” This means a highly defined and ripped body that results after unwanted fat is burned away.

The supplement works by enhancing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels in the body so that your muscles can be worked harder and longer during workouts – bringing about faster, more powerful results.

What Does Alpha Claim To Do?

It claims to be able to lead to you a cut, lean and muscular physique as it burns fat while retaining your muscle mass. Alpha can help you with:

  • Getting rid of all types of body fat while keeping and building lean muscle
  • Achieving a chiseled, toned body
  • Enhancing vascularity and increasing energy and strength

The product makes a promise that it “shreds fat and protects lean muscle while retaining your strength and energy.

This makes up for a common issue serious bodybuilders and athletes face when trying to cut and tone – losing fat without losing muscle and the supplement aims to eliminate this problem.

alpha results

Marine Muscle Alpha is clearly much more than your average bodybuilding supplement. With a wide range of benefits, from an extreme fat loss to big increases in energy and strength, this is a formula made for those people who want the leanest possible physique without losing mass.

The supplement will appeal to those who want to the same performance as the famous steroid Anavar, but without any legal problems or unhealthy side effects.

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What Are The Ingredients For Alpha?

The ingredients in Alpha have been selected carefully to mimic the effects of Anavar without causing any health issues.

  • Soy protein isolate 450mg
  • Whey protein concentrate 450mg
  • Wild Yam Root 150mg
  • PeakATP 120mg
  • Tribulus Terrestris 180mg
  • BCAA 225mg

Soy Protein Isolate – A high quality, low-fat protein source. Soy protein isolate is the purest form of soy protein available as almost all other components of the soybeans have been removed, leaving just the protein.

Whey Protein Concentrate – Whey is a very common protein for bodybuilders. In addition to its protein though, whey is also thought to have other benefits like stress reduction, improved immunity and increasing serotonin levels in the brain. The concentrate version of whey protein contains up to 80% protein as well as other important compounds.

Wild Yam Root – This herbal extract has natural hormone effects, but apart from that, it’s known to have anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as anti-fatigue effects. It may also lower both cholesterol and blood pressure.

PeakATP – This is a unique form of Adenosine 5í-Triphosphate (ATP) Disodium. ATP is vital for the promotion of muscular growth and PeakATP is able to make the most of ATP both inside and outside the cells to deliver increased power and strength.

Tribulus Terrestris – This herbal extract has a long history of traditional health usage, and it’s popular amongst bodybuilders thanks to its ability to help support the release and production of testosterone naturally. Tribulus Terrestris is also believed to help with recovery after exercise and lean mass gains.

BCAA – These three branch chain amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine are important in the process of protein synthesis, which helps make the most of the extra protein you’re getting from the whey and soy sources.

Ingredients Verdict

As you can see, the functions of the formula revolve heavily around increase the amount and synthesis of protein, which leads to muscle gain.

Additionally, the increase in testosterone from Tribulus Terrestris provide an all-around boost to strength and the body’s ability to burn fat and to gain increased muscle mass.

With the ability to see positive results in as little as three weeks, you don’t have to wait forever to find out if it’s working for you, and if this is going to be a supplement that’s going to help you achieve that rock hard, chiseled physique.

How to Take Alpha?

Three capsules per day should be taken with the main meal of the day, with water. It is recommended to use the product for at least 2 months with a suitable exercise and diet regime for best results.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

According to the information provided by Marine Muscle, the supplement does not come with a risk of side effects and NONE have been reported. Only natural ingredients are used in the formula and it contains no stimulants such as caffeine.

Does Alpha Work?

Marine Muscle Alpha is built for the most dedicated of athletes who know what they want: a very defined physique with rock hard muscles, maximum fat burning, and enhanced strength.

alpha before after

It does all this with purely natural ingredients: nothing artificial has been included in the formula, and each natural component has been selected based on its individual ability to add to the overall goals of the supplement.

You won’t find any ingredient in the supplement that doesn’t have an important role to play in muscle gaining, fat loss, boosting energy and power, and extreme toning of the body when used in conjunction with an intensive workout regime.

The combination of powerful BCAA’s, which work to synthesize the protein you’re getting from both the soy isolate and whey concentrate sources, means that your body is receiving and using high amounts of protein in the most efficient way possible. And more protein means more muscle – faster.

Alpha aims to increase phosphocreatine levels in the body so that ATP is produced faster for the muscles to use. This process is at the core of the muscle building abilities of the product.

Because all the ingredients are from natural sources, there’s no risk of side effects despite the fact that Alpha is designed to mimic the function of real anabolic steroids: same results, without the health risks.

Alpha Results

Here is a small selection of the customer results I found online:

marine muscle alpha review

I am into third week of my cutting cycle and am seeing very good gains. I feel more energetic and am able to work out more intensely than ever before. My body definition has also improved, so I have almost nothing to complain.

I’m very pleased that after using it for four weeks, I have reduced a lot of fats from my body, and my leanness and strength is also at the best.

Have lost all those fat deposits that had been haunting me for many years.

Where Can I Buy Alpha?

Marine Muscle’s official website is the only place it can be purchased. The current price on a one month supply is $59.99.

You receive free shipping with every order from Marine Muscle. A 7-day refund offer is available, where you are able to return any unused bottles within this time frame if you change your mind.


The supplement impresses with its ability to provide exceptional quality fat loss and cutting, without the loss of lean muscle – allowing a very defined physique in an amazingly short period.

I am very confident in recommending Marine Muscle Alpha to anyone who wants to get ripped fast while retaining muscle and doing it all with safe and natural ingredients.

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