Supplement ReviewsFinding genuine and unbiased reviews on popular supplements can be a difficult task – there are so many different supplements on sale and they all claim to be the very best!

Tired of all the marketing hype, we decided to create a review website using our own personal experiences with the products. In addition, we have also researched what other users have to say about different supplements and brands, then have collated all that information, to provide an online resource for honest supplement reviews.

Over the years our team have fielded a lot of questions regarding supplements, as people are tired of wasting time and money on overpriced and ineffective products. With many years of experience in determining both the quality and efficacy of products, we are in a position to offer clear and accurate product information, avoiding marketing hyperbole and simply providing the information you need in simple terms with no jargon! 

For your convenience, we have organized our approved supplements into the main categories below.

Legal Steroids

Legal SteroidsSteroids are good news for packing on plenty of muscle mass fast, however they can be downright dangerous and are also illegal!

Steroid alternatives are simply legal supplements which deliver steroid-like benefits, but without the pesky side effects and possible criminal record! But the market right now is full of steroid alternatives, most of which will do next to nothing in terms of gaining muscle mass and some of them could even be harmful!

Our reviews of these legal steroid alternatives detail the most effective steroid alternative products available. Not many of these products make it onto our approved list, but the ones that do can offer much of the benefits of steroids, with none of the drawbacks!

These products work by stimulating natural hormone production and are often supplement stacks designed to work together to create the perfect anabolic environment, check out our full legal steroids reviews to see which of the alternatives offer the most bang for your buck!

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone BoostersWhen it comes to testosterone boosters, the most common question we get asked is do they work!

If there is one hormone that separates the men from the boys, it’s testosterone! Testosterone builds muscle, increases strength and improves endurance – but are there any side effects to taking supplements which boost natural hormone levels?

Testosterone boosters are a big deal in the supplement industry, which means you have to do your research to avoid getting scammed. Don’t just buy any testosterone booster you see advertised, read our testosterone boosters reviews to find out what extraordinary benefits you can expect if you choose the right product!

There are many natural supplements that have been shown to support optimal testosterone levels, read our full review to find out which of the testosterone boosters on sale actually work and also check out our health information on the possible side effects.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

hghSecond only to testosterone, HGH is an incredibly powerful weapon when it comes to building muscle and losing fat.

But HGH is incredibly expensive and requires a prescription which can be difficult to get. In addition, synthetic HGH requires injection which puts many people off! So many seek to get the benefits of HGH, but without the huge price tag and inconvenience, by taking HGH supplements.

HGH supplements are incredibly popular, particularly as men grow older, but they are also controversial, so like anything else, you need to do the research and read our full product reviews before making a buying decision. Only the most effective HGH supplements feature in our full review, the products that have actually produced results for us and others on an ongoing basis.

Can you really increase blood serum levels of Human Growth Hormone through oral dosing? What ingredients are in these supplements and exactly how do they increase hormone levels? Check out our full HGH reviews to have all your questions answered.

DHEA Supplements

DHEADHEA (technically, dehydroepiandrosterone) supplements, are designed to offer a pro-hormone effect which has been tied to increased longevity and lean muscle mass. We all naturally create DHEA in our adrenal glands (and testes in men) and this hormone plays a vital role in many important metabolic functions.

Your body converts DHEA into other hormones such as androstenedione and sex hormones, working much like a natural anabolic steroid, boosting production of natural growth hormones to build lean muscle mass and burn fat. DHEA also lowers inflammation, improves bone density, protects against depression and mood swings, helps with weight loss, lowers diabetes risk and improves heart health!

With so many benefits it’s little wonder everyone wants to boost their DHEA production, but like many other supplements, it can be difficult to identify which products actually work well and which will just give you expensive urine! Read the full DHEA reviews to find out which supplements we found to effective and made it onto our approved list. 

Nitric Oxide Boosters

Nitric Oxide BoostersNitric Oxide boosters have become very popular in recent years thanks to groundbreaking science which shows the awesome effects they can have on the body, allowing you to exercise longer and harder due to the increase in nutrient and oxygen delivery.

Nitric Oxide boosters work! They work really well, but don’t just rush out and buy any booster on the market. As with all supplements, it’s important to check the research to find out which product will deliver the best results.

Luckily, we have already done this research and tested the products for you! Our full Nitric Oxide boosters reviews and recommendations detail the exact ingredients that have been proven to work in scientific studies, then we have identified which products contain these proven active ingredients and tested them to find out which offers the most benefit. To find out more about the best Nitric Oxide boosting supplement on the market, please check out our full review.

Pre Workouts

pre-workoutPre-workout supplementation is a relatively new concept, but the excellent scientific research done over the last decade has demonstrated that there are many benefits in taking pre-workout supplements.

Effective pre-workout supplementation can improve performance, increase strength and endurance, increase protein synthesis, decrease muscle breakdown, improve energy, increase metabolic rate and create an optimal hormonal environment. Of course, there are countless pre-workout products on the market that claim to help in all these areas, but only a handful have managed to make it onto our approved list of pre-workout performance enhancing supplements.

Getting the effective dose is paramount to a successful pre-workout supplement regimen, as the research is based on measured amounts of the active ingredients. If you’re not consuming those active ingredients in the prescribed amounts, then your results will be unpredictable at best!

So which pre-workout products made it onto our approved list? Which supplements are effective and which are simply a waste of your hard earned cash? Find out by reading our full pre workouts reviews.

Female Bodybuilding

female bodybuildingFemale bodybuilders can get that extra edge to burn fat and gain lean muscle faster through effective supplementation. So if you thought some products were strictly for guys, then think again.

Most of the supplements available today will benefit both sexes. However, there is no getting around the fact that women are physiologically different, the female body simply won’t respond in the same way, but it will still respond!

A good supplementation regime for female athletes and bodybuilders can help firm, shape and build muscle. Muscles aren’t just for men, therefore muscle-building supplements aren’t just for men! But choosing the right supplements, finding those products which actually work and produce results, is even more crucial for women than for men, as a woman’s normal testosterone levels are a just a fraction of typical man’s testosterone levels.

Supplements for female bodybuilders are much the same as supplements for male bodybuilders – as in most of them don’t work! But we have found a number of products that don’t just work, they work really well! To find out which of these female bodybuilding supplements made our approved list, please check out our full review.

Supplement Stacks

Supplement StacksA stack is a group of supplements which are used together to enhance performance. Supplement stacks feature multiple products that work together to enhance energy, endurance, muscle building and recovery.

The stacking of dietary supplements was previously the “secret weapon” used by advanced bodybuilders and professional athletes, but today this information is available to even to “weekend warriors”!

We are all looking for that extra edge and the intelligent stacking of supplements can be the “difference that makes a difference”. Whether you need to optimize your body composition just to look great on the beach, or for success in your chosen sport, supplement stacking is the best way to achieve your goals.

But you cannot simply buy a bunch of supplements, take them all together, then expect great results! You have to know what the most effective products are on the shelves right now and the best way to combine them for optimal performance. The market is full of product stacks with inflated claims and dubious promises, usually with no or minimal research to back up these claims.

We know which supplements work to put on muscle and strip off the body fat, because not only have we researched them, we have tried them! Make sure you know which supplement stacks actually have substantial scientific research behind them by reading our full supplement stacks reviews.

Diet Pills

Diet PillsWeight loss is an enormously lucrative industry which is expected to generate almost $200 billion next year. This is a huge amount of money which attracts all the scam artists, which is why very few diet pills actually work!

There are of course some diet supplements which have been proven to help you lose fat, but most products on the market are no different from placebo and are designed not to make you lose fat, but simply to part you from your money!

The wrong diet pill can not only waste your money, they can actually harm your body, so don’t take the risk or buy any diet supplements before you read our full diet pills reviews which will arm you with all the facts you need to make a smart decision.

The diet pills that actually work do so by suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism or blocking the absorption of certain macro nutrients. Find out which of these products help best with weight loss by reading our full diet pills review.

Fat Burners

Fat BurnersYou will probably find that our reviews on fat burning supplements are a little bit different to others you may have read online, this is because we have actually done the research and tested the supplements, to provide real reviews, rather than simply copying the sales blurb as most websites do!

We have tried most, if not all, of the top supplements available, to find the ones that help to melt fat without dangerous side effects due to excessive amounts of harmful stimulants.

The supplements detailed in our full review have all made it onto our approved list, because they actually work, unlike most of the products advertised online.

Discover what you really need to know about the top fat burning supplements for sale, find out which supplements performed best with the least side effects and get full details on the top fat burner – check out our full reviews on fat burners.

Gynecomastia Treatment

Man BoobsGynecomastia is a medical condition where a man’s chest is enlarged to somewhat resemble a woman’s breasts, aka “man boobs”. Until recently, you could only really get rid of them by surgery, but now there are some dietary supplements available that can reduce or even eliminate this problem without the risk and expense of going under the knife.

Though it is fair to say that surgery is still the single most effective method of removing gynecomastia, there are some proven treatments which can be an effective second best option, they may lack the effectiveness of the surgery, but they are much cheaper and safer, so most people feel they are certainly worth a try.

Most Gynecomastia treatments will show some kind of results within the first month of usage and you don’t need any surgery or hospitalization. Find out more about effective Gynecomastia treatment by checking out our full review.